Prep + Prime Vibrancy Eye

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Solvakia L.
Makes Your Eyes Bright!

I ran across this product by chance one day in the MAC store. I was looking for a new lipglass and ended up taking this home instead. I use this product before I use my concealer and it has made a big difference. I recommend this product to anyone who is in need of a good under eye primer.

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Jasmine G.

this primer has to be one of the better kind of primers that i have used! it doesn't make the eye area dry and cakey. it goes on smooth, lasts all day, i used this to do my sisters wedding makeup and the makeup was perfect all day! this is an essential part in my makeup bag!

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Heidi R.
worth every penny!

I absolutely loved this primer. It did everything it was suppose to. When I was using this primer I would use it everyday I couldn't live without it. I haven't used it in a while but only because Ive wanted to explore other options.

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Adriana P.

I bought this product maybe 2 months ago and ever since I used it every day. I have really dark circles under my eyes and I need a concealer that is a little bit thicker and gives me good coverage. But my under eye area is very dry and so after a while the concealer looks very crumbly because it dried out. I used a normal eye cream but that wasn't enough. Then I got the vibrancy eye primer and it changed everything. I really can't live without it. I apply it before my concealer and it moisturizes so well and feels cooling. My concealer doesn't crumble anymore and stays on all day.

Can't say anything bad about it.

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Sami S.
Life changer!

I have had terrible dark circles under my eyes all my life, no matter how much sleep I got. If I don't wear makeup, I always get a comment about how tired/sick I look. No concealer ever worked well enough for me, even the yellow based ones, but this stuff? Oh goodness. Complete difference in how my under-eyes look. Within seconds it makes the puffiness go away and the coloration minimize, and even feels cooling. Love it. Will never go without this stuff again.

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TheMakeupExpress s.
Forget looking like you slept for 20 min

When I wake up in the morning I look like someone just hit me with a truck. If you don't look like that you are the lucky ones. I have this problem when I wake up for the first 3 hours I have bags under my eyes that will not go away. My solution really is prep + prime vibrancy eye. It instantly makes my eyes look brighter and alert and I always use it under my of the first things I put on after I wash my face and tone/moisturize. Seriously you will love it and you won't need as much concealer under your eyes. Trust me!

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