Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder


gee m.

I like the Mac Prep + Prime transparent finishing powder. I only need a little of this product to set my makeup. I not only set my makeup with this product but I sometimes use it as a blotting powder when my face becomes oily. The best thing I like about this product is I do not have to worry about my pictures coming out looking like I’m doing drugs leaving that white powdery cast that some transparent powders tend to leave where you applied them on your face. The cost of this product is $23.00 but I have to say it does last me over a year so I have no problem with paying the price for it.

The only flaw about this product packaging is it can be a little messy because there is no stopper in the container to stop the product from coming out so the powder tends to come to the surface and just sit there.

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Aya S.
The best!

This is amazing. Its truly miraculous how it tends to literally fade and blur minor imperfections while filling in fine lines as well. The lasting power is also impressive--I think around 12 hours but I haven't tried longer than that...Not too much product though and a bit of a mess with flash photography. Nevertheless, still love it.

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Julie A.
Love the Prep & Primer!!

This product makes skin of all types glow to perfection! I'm a photographer and we use this on many models to highlight cheeks and face as well as legs and tummy. Truly makes skin look beautiful

Patricia G.
My Desert Island Powder!

Hello, My name is Patricia and I am a MAC Addict. ("Hello Patricia!" says the MAC Addicts Anonymous group.) This powder literally touches every part of my face when I am applying a full face of makeup. I love to use this as a finishing powder to smooth everything together and get that airbrushed finish. Also, I love to use this to prep my eyelids for primer and eyeshadow. I have oily skin, so if I don't use this before applying primer and eyeshadows, my eyelid will crease a lot. I have only met two other people that have the same issue, so most people don't even have to worry about applying transparent on their eyes. But, if you do notice your eyeshadows creasing even with primer, I highly suggest dusting some Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder on your eyelids before applying any primer. (I also apply MAC's Oil Control Lotion on my eyelids after washing my face just to be extra prepared.) Hope this helps!

Hannah D.

This prep + prime is amazing! You only need to use a slight amount to cover the face and keeps my make up looking flawless all day! It's not too thick and feels amazing on the skin, I will carry on using this powder and it will last you too! :)

Issa  L.

Couldn't go a day without this it works like magic! It sets makeup beautifully and makes me feel like there's nothing on my face. A little goes a long way which is always a plus for me

Myrna P.

I have this for over a year now and hardly use it. The times I have used it, I have recently noticed that it doesn't irritate my skin like other setting powders. I will stick to this one :)

Simera H.

This is hands down my favorite setting powder. I have really dry skin and this powder does not emphasize any dry spots. It looks amazing when taking pictures. I have not noticed this product leaving a white cast in my pictures.

Danielle M.

I really love this product!! It is perfect for setting my liquid foundation and absorbing oil. My skin gets oily throughout the day and it's awesome for refreshing my makeup as well. This is definitely my favorite powder! I have the Careblend powder and I do like that...but after I get oily...I can't use it because it will change the color of my makeup. This is a must have product for me!

Ann D.

I love this finishing powder. It gives a nice canvas for blushes and bronzers to sit on. It really does finish transparent but sometimes can look ghostly. But it does its job of setting and preventing sliding makeup and sweat! Can also do well with moisturizer and powder by themselves to just freshen your look. When I first got it I just put some on my sweaty face and the shine was gone! I know gross. hahah