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Lucia D.

I literally mix vanilla in with all my foundations and concealers, as well as use it as a highlight, on my eyes, on top of lip products, its just so versatile and works so well with everything, if you gonna buy one thing from MAC buy a pigment because they have so many uses

Kristy M.
In love.

This is one of the most beautiful colours I have ever seen in my life. The mac pigments are beautiful and really long lasting. One pigment would probably last you years and years as you hardly use any. Love this one loads!

Kaylah A.
Great for personal Make Up collection

I have many of Mac's pigments. They used to be really popular, and honestly, i hardly ever reach for mine anymore. They are an amazing product, build able, very pigmented (obviously), nice colours, blend able… theyre just very inconvenient. I use them for my personal beauty looks only, as they would be too messy for MUA Kits.

Theresa G.

I have a good amount of MAC pigments and I absolutely love every single one of them. There is so many uses you can get out of a pigment that makes it worth paying for one or many. If the color appeals to you. I highly recommend buying it.

Ashley R.
Overall 6/10

I must say when I first bought this I was super stoked, buying my first MAC product and getting a better pigmented eye shadow.

I give this product overall a 6/10 because it is not as pigmented as you would expect, doesn't stay on long (creases just like any other eye shadow), over priced for the disappointment (cost me about $20-$25) and its a little messy putting on. Pro's about the product are light weight, great variety of colours to choose from and last's a long time.

I will use this product until it's done but I don't know if I will buy the pigmented one again, not worth the extra money in my opinion.

Arlene T.
Good Highlighter :)

I use the Vanilla Pigment as a highlighter because it gives a nice golden, peachy sheen on the skin. I really love the way it looks because it gives such a nice color. For me, it doesn't last all day without primer, so I always use a primer.

Cecelia F.

i have pigments in melon, golden and bronze. they are probably my favorite mac products i have ever chosen, simply for their versatility. i love using them to play up my eyes when i am too lazy or don't have enough time to do a full eye look.

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Angie A.

I own these pigments in Golden, Rose, and Violet, and they're all beautiful. Golden has been discontinued, much to my dismay, but it is the glitteriest, shiniest gold I've ever used. I've been told Sugarpill's Goldilux is a good dupe, but I have yet to try it. Rose is a glittery, frosty pink with gold undertones that is absolutely beautiful. I've used it as a highlight, blush, and lid color before - very versatile. Violet is a bit sheerer and is a very unique color with a gray tone. The pigments, altogether, are very bright and usually take one or two swipes to opacity. I would buy any of these again!

Jasmine P.
A must have.

I've owned MAC's Pigment in Naked for quite some time and though it looks very basic, its much more than it seems. Its so versatile. I tend to use it as a highlighter, especially above my cheeks, but I love using this as a lid color, highlighter in the corner of the eyes, or sometimes I even mix it with a bit of coral lip gloss. The warm shimmer in this makes me look dewy and fresh.

Rica M.
Looooove it!

MAC Pigments are just fabulous!! I love the amazing variety of colors they come in. The colors come on my skin pretty bright, they look like true colors, not fade at all. A little bit goes a long way, I think this little bottle will last me for a very long time.

I would definitely love to get a lot more colors, but my budget does not allow me to do so. lol So I deal with buying one every couple of pay checks as a gift for my hard work haha ;D

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