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Theresa G.

I love love love this palette. It is hard to find a good palette that last that has the loop for your finger. If you are a makeup artist I highly recommend this. It's sanitary and if you want to get that warming affect like body heat to warm products up run the palette under hot water.

Erica L.

Another MAC item I adore. I use the back of my hand when doing my own makeup but when it comes to my clients, I prefer to be as sanitary as possible. This is easy to hold while using the other hand to work and the metal allows the back of your hand to warm the colors before applying.

Kaylee M.

It's a very good tool. I use mine all the time. It was a bit pricey, but highly worth it. It's very sanitary and lets you use your creative mind. Love this <3 !

Joke V.
easy to use - just the right size

This was one of the first things I bought from MAC. I use it a lot to mix products. It's just big enough for different shades. It is easy to hold with the whole for a tumb. I do think it is kind of pricy, but it is worth it!