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Sonja D.
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I'd seen so much about these MAC paintpots but didn't buy into it because I personally don't really care for cream eyeshadow type products. I use NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils as a base and I've been quite content with that. I was at a Cosmetics Company Outlet and saw a paintpot in the color "Delft" and thought it would look beautiful with their "teal" pigment. I was right. It made the pigment so much more vibrant and it didn't crease on me at all, which is generally my problem with creamy products (of course, I used TFSI under this). LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Will definitely be buying more (especially from my CCO where they're like $11!)!

*The picture is of "Teal" applied on top of "Delft." It's amazing.

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Julissa G.
Quickest Smokey Eye!!

As a MAC makeup artist I had appointments back to back and needed to think of ways outside the box to achieve my most requested look! Paint pots are great for several reasons 1. They are creamy so they allow you to blend away to your hearts content for about 20-30 seconds before they set. Also (and this is the best part) because they are a cream, you won't get any of that yucky fall out on your cheek that ruins your foundation. 2. They are crease resistant and water RESISTANT (not proof), so your smokey eye will stay put throughout the night! 3. You can build it up, you can start with a slight smokiness and add a little more at a time, however I would not put too many layers as it will look heavy.. instead add a bit of your desired dark shadow to intensify the look. I love MAC Paint Pots because they are so versatile and help your shadows last all day!!

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Dawn C.

Groundwork was a bit of a disappointment for me. I was hoping for a color that was a match for my skintone but this one is a little chalky on me. Overall, I do like the Paint Pots, you really only need a tiny bit and they last a long time. However, I prefer the new 24-hour color tatoo's from Maybelline. I'm probably going to give my Groundwork to a friend and stick with my color tatoo's.

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Deborah H.

I'm sad to say that this product wasn't what I hoped it would be. I've always used UDPP, but I was in the market for something new. After hearing all the hype on these paint pots, I decided that I had to try them. They made my shadows last longer, sure, but it still creased within an hour or two. Granted, I have significantly oily eyelids.

I will say that using these over my UDPP or TFSS, they're wonderful! I like the colors that they come in and how they can enhance my shadows' colors. I can recommend Blackout, Artifact, and Rubenesque.

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Kara L.

My eye lids get very oily for what ever reason. This is the only thing I've found that works for me. I swear I've tried everything out there. I'm a hair dresser, I work long sifts with no time for touch ups and my eye make up does not budge!!!!!!

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Kita Katt H.

I use this color as a base and sometimes I wear it alone with a dark brown crease for a natural look. The consistency is great and its blend-able

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Samantaa M.

I love this product! It is one of most replenished items in my professional Makeup kit. With its creamy, yet dry substance, It acts as a amazing base, giving eyeshadow a vibrate non powdery look, that lasts all day without creasing! I use the colour painterly, because it is skin tone and does not alter the colour of your powdered eyeshadow, & gives life to even the most dullest colours!

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Alyson P.
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This eye primer is amazingI I use this on my self as well as on my clients it blends really well and holds all day.Basicly any eyeshadow you will use will "pop" even more with this primer on!!!!

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Marie B.

This is my must-have when it comes to my eye makeup, I need this if my eye makeup should look good. I use it as a primer/base under the eyeshadows, and they stay in place all day. The paint pot also intensifies the colors and makes them last longer and not crease.

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Nikki C.

LOVE using this as an eyeshadow base, there is no creasing whatsoever! You can really just wear it on your lids by itself, too. Definitely a must-have for me. :)

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