Oil Control Lotion


Nicole A.
no more primer

as I get older my skin acts funnier over the years now in my mid 30s I'm still super oily especially in the t zone. I have always been concerned with skin care because I feel its very important and Mac being one of my favorite brands I decided to try this, not only does is absorb my oil but it has also replaced me having to use a more expensive foundation primer!!! I combine this and the Mac Strobe cream and Bam my skin stays shine free for 6 to 8 hrs and feels less heavy. Only reason I docked it a half of a star is because 33 $ a bottle is a bit pricy for an oil control lotion but worth it if nothing else has quite worked???

Adrian T.
Miracle in a bottle

I have extremely oily skin I've tried getting under wraps for years! Like I've said in previous reviews, I am a MAC girl for life. This stuff is amazing! Cannot get enough! It feels clean going on and leaves my sky moistured, almost that dewy fabulous effect, but not oily. It works we'll with my foundation and provides a day of long lasting results!

Ella B.
Loves it!

Before purchasing I read reviews as I always do though it was a lil mixed reviews from some, I decided to give it shot. I purchased the travel size to try it out and voil?... I'm in heaven. this product works well with my skin. it helps to keep my shininess and oil at bay! I've tried other moisturizers before and thus far this one wins by a long shot. also, a little goes a long way! after I'm done with my travel size, I'll be going back to get the bigger one!

Brittny H.

This is one of those products that you really regret skipping. I have very oily skin and my makeup usually melts off if I don't use some kind of oil control lotion. This helps it stay in place all day! I only give it 4 stars because it is pricey. Other than that its fantastic!

Kitch C.
Not much of a fan. I prefer Chanel's.

MAC is a fairly expensive brand in Australia unlike America and this product is $55 and I don't find it to have significantly improved my skin. I tried applying it different ways, with a sponge, with a brush, with my fingers etc. and fingers worked best but I felt it still left significant shine on my face. Perhaps I wanted a more matte finish than "controlled oil" but the SA recommended this for me knowing I wanted a full matte finish. If you live in US and get this product for less than $55 and don't have terribly oily skin, I'm sure this will work for you, but if you are like me and have a problem with your oiliness I would definitely suggest trying Chanel's Mattifying Lotion for $77 that works 10x better :)

Princess B.

I love this product! I have very oily skin an it makes my skin matte almost all day. I apply it to my face as I would my moisture then apply my primer and finish with my foundation and I'm ready to go. would definitely recommend this product.

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Rachel G.

I got my makeup done at Mac once and they used this product on me, and it significantly helped my oiliness, especially in my t-zone. It's honestly a great moisturizer too...I've used it alone. PERFECT for under foundation or under's an amazing primer.

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Denise F.

Before I had a skincare routine that consisted of using the Clarisonic Mia with Neutrogena Grapefruit Facial Cleanser, MAC's Oil Control Lotion only stopped the oils from coming to the surface for a few hours. I'd have to touch up around lunch time to keep my forehead from looking like a greasy surface. But I do have a very oily skin. Anyways, now that I have a skincare routine that evens out the oil levels on my face, this product has been able to keep my face from looking like disco ball by midday. Point of the story - have a good skincare routine down before giving up on this product because it is very good. But it works even better when you have your oily skin controlled at the base level. :)

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Mallory F.
Love it!

I have used this on myself AND my clients and they love it, I love it, it works so good! I'm not sure what the other reviewer was saying about it being sticky, they must have gotten a bad product or something, because it dries completely in a minute! And blocks oil all day long!! Will continue to buy.

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Raya Z.
Fresh like water!

This moisturizer is so fresh so clean feeling it feels like you have nothing on! I do wish they made a larger size of bottle! The pump like all MAC products dispenses perfect amounts. I use it every morning I absolutely love it. Even on no make-up days its definitely my moisturizer of choice.