Mineralize Eye Shadow


Nicole A.

I really love these shadows. The pigments are far better and blend much easier then MACS regular eyeshadow. I use either water or fix + to apply these, the wear is great and there is no increasing fall out. Great Product xxoo

Hulonda M.
Love this product!

MAC's mineralized eyeshadows are awesome!! The fact that you get more than one color is wonderful. My favorite is young punk! You are able to create several looks with this one eyeshadow. And when used wet the colors are very intense!!! LOVE IT!!!!!

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Liz P.
It reminds me of a sunset...

I saw this specific color a lot on Instagram, so I decided to buy it. I really like the colors. However, the way the eye shadow is made sometimes you have more of one color than the other. I did not have too much of the light color, so I used some pigment that I had. Other than that the colors were really pigmented and rich.

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Liz P.
Really good for those who like neutral eye colors.

I am such a huge fan of MAC's mineralize eyeshadows. I haven't bought any in a while because they tend to be similar year after year, but this collection caught my eye. I love that I am able to use a mixing medium to intensify the color. I am starting to realize that I like products that have a variety of colors, so I can do my makeup and leave the house.

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Nadia N.
The style black ones

Those are the best the style black mineralize eyeshadows. I love those cause when used wet are so INTENSE! Young Punk is amazing a pink/purple/black. Guilt by association is a great one for everyday and for eyeliner.

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Lottie S.
Mac Glitter & Ice Snow Season

I feel like every year MAC puts out mineralized eyeshadows and every year I'm tempted to buy one. Finally when the Glitter & Ice collection came out, I took the jump. About mineralized eyeshadows in general: I love looking at them in the pan because they look like little planets :) While they are really pretty in the pan, I’m not the biggest fan of them swatched. Even the one I have I feel like I have to wet my brush to use. I mostly use it in conjuction with other colors and almost never alone because unfortunately it fades rather quickly.