Liquidlast Liner

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Tori S.
AMAZING! ... The # 1

the best eyeliner. Perfect brush to make a very thin line or thick, if you prefer!. This eyeliner is truly long lasting ... it's like a tattoo! I really love it and it has become my favorite and reliable product. I recommend it if you have talent and if you are fast applying eyeliner, because it dries very fast. Tip: I recommend that each time you use it, close the lid quick, so the product will last longer.

Sinead B.
Sticky & Horrendous

I thought after a month I'd master this really horrible brush but I was wrong. I am no liquid liner rookie and have been rocking the cat-eye for the past 7 years but this was tricky to get a fine line or a crisp edge. Brush aside; I wasn't bowled over by the formulation either. It took an age to dry but even after sitting with my eyes closed for a good ten minutes it STILL managed to smudge. A quick clear up with a bit of remover I wore it out and a few hours later it cracked and flaked and just looked absolutely awful with a huge red ring around the liner from irritation. It's one of the only MAC products I've ever been let down with so I was devastated. I'd definitely never buy this again.

Mia C.
Great lasting power, horrendous brush

I need my eyeliner to last long, especially since I live on a tropical island. And this seems to do the trick. It lasts through allergies, tears, you name it. But the brush it utter crap. It's so darn flimsy and the product can easily get everywhere, which is a nightmare for someone with hooded lids. Another thing is that this takes forever and a day to dry. I have to sit with my chin up for at least 3-5 minutes (without blinking!) to ensure that I don't get it on my eyeshadow. And if I do, I'm totally screwed because this eyeliner DOES NOT BUDGE! My sister, on the other hand, has gorgeous non-hooded lids and swears by this. So, if you have hooded lids or monolids, steer away from this. Otherwise, if you're willing to work with the brush, then give it a go!

Edit: The aforementioned sister just gave birth--yay, I'm an auntie yet again! When I went to visit her in the hospital, her makeup was perfect! Clean, bold eyeliner and unsmudged lipstick. Lo and behold, she was using this eyeliner! So I cannot stress this enough--if you have the patience to get comfortable with the brush, then do it! It could have you greeting hospital visitors after hours of labor and an emergency c-section with a pristine face.

Connie T.
Amazing HG

Point Black should be in everyone's makeup bag. It is the ideal liquid black liner. The black is extremely pigmented. This has become my HG replacing the L'oreal Linear Intense. Once this stuff dries it does not budge without using an oil based makeup remover or cleanser! It has a brush that isn't that great or easy to use but with some practice you can definitely achieve whatever look you want.

Pros: Color payoff is awesome! Waterproof/Smudgeproof Cons: It tends to get sorta thick and clumpy as time goes on The brush isn't that great, but you can always use a different one with it Price

Maria L.
Rich color that LASTS

Aqualine is my favorite color in this liner. The color is intense and after it dries it does not budge at all. In fact, if I'm spending the day poolside, at the beach or at a theme park, I'll skip all eye makeup except for a quick line of Liquidlast on my upper lashline and by the end of the day (rain or shine) it's still there. Couldn't give it a full five stars because I'm not 100% pleased with the brush. When you pull the brush out there is always an excess of product not only on the brush bristles itself but also the base (inside handle) of the brush, I end up either having to wipe that product off or using a separate brush to apply the product so I don't end up with it all over my lashes.

Amalee W.

I love these! They are incredibly long-lasting and pigmented. For days I know I'll be out and about, I'll use it. I could probably work out and sweat bullets with it on and not budge, but I would rather not work out with makeup on. Be careful not to apply too much because they take awhile to dry - especially if you have awkward lids like I do. I have one double and one... that's in-between mono and double. LOL.

Siri S.
Everything I ever wanted !!

I have tried werry many eyeliners, and whitout a primer or anything - it lasted a whole day in school, to the gym and even at that party! If your looking for an eyeliner wich does not move or smudge! This is what you should get! I agree whit KarenN about the brush. It was worth money and when I go to mac next time Im going to get some more of them <3 And this is something I will always use!!

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Karen N.
Best alternative to tattoo eyeliner

The best long-lasting eyeliner around. Party girls can go apply this dramatic liquid to their lids and expect it to stay put--no raccoon eyes at the end of the night or in the wee hours of the night/dawn. It's a bit tricky to as the brush is flimsy but after about a week, I got the hang out it and now I can apply it on in less than 2 minutes. My favorite item in my makeup bag.