Liquid Eye Liner


Samantha L.
love it

I love this stuff it never runs,drys quick and is easy to put on. It's expensive but worth it if you love liquid eyeliner get this stuff. You can go really thin and barely see it for a natural look or go heavy for a smokey eye.

Alyssa C.

I really loved this liquid eyeliner for years until I decided to try a drugstore brand and was amazed how much better the cheaper one lasted. The MAC liquid eyeliner flakes and smudges on me. I need to redo my makeup at least once a day. Kind of disappointing expecting MAC to be the superior product.

Sammi W. Team
read a magazine after you apply

I bought this in a silver shade to play around with. When I'm feeling bored of my cat eye I'll pull this out and do two layers: 1) line your eye with black pencil 2) the silver goes above (like on top of -- a layer higher) the black pencil then 3) trace the black pencil liner with a liquid liner to even up any shaky hand movements you may have experienced when applying the silver liner. It's different yet subtle enough to rock during the daytime or night time if you so choose.

the pros: long lasting, lots of colours to choose from, not too $$ the cons: takes around 2-3 mins to dry fully, a bit difficult to apply (it's easy to get smudges and weird lines but the method above gives a fairly goof-proof look)

Hannah K.

I love MAC this however is my first bad purchase, it costs 23$ and i was soo dissapointed when i applied it . I am normally very good and always apply liquid liner I love the old hollywood liner on top. I cant do a line the brush is hard and, not flexible and it smears all over my eye shadow and ruins it. It goes on watery and does not last long. I would be happier with my NYC liner much easier to apply and last longer and its 2.99$ so not a spurge worth wile !

Brianna M.

i love mac. and i love liquid liner. however, i bought "boot black" liquid liner. & i was thoroughly disappointed. i normally by drugstore liquid liners, (my favorite right now is NYC) but i decided to splurge and i wish i hadnt. i didnt like the formula. and the brush wasn't flexible enough. i also had to reapply my makeup several times during the day because it smudged. it isn't long lasting!