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Rachel P.
Get the primary colors and black and white for endless possibilities

I prefer these over lip tars because they are currently the same price, but I can back2mac these. They have to be mixed with a smoother base for more comfort, but they are so versatile. At a mac pro class we used these to see who could mix up a color closest to the instructor's lipstick color. Seriously, you can make ANY color out of red, blue, yellow, black and white. And you can mix them with lipsticks or glosses you already own.

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Rosie M.

I have 7 of these, Black, White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Crimson and Blue. I love all of them the texture when applied looks great. I use them on myself and also on photoshoots and the pigment you get from these products are so good! however prepping the lips is a bonus and sometimes find that my lips get quite dry when using them, but no pain no gain and all that! I love mixing the white and blue together because the blue starts off really dark and you can get some gorgeous shades from them together. My least favourite is the yellow it doesnt feel as thick as the others in consistancy and you need to use loads to get a block yellow, there are ways to get round this like buying yellow lip pencils or conceal the lips first. But with all the others you are able to just paint them on to get a full look. They last forever as well which is good, the only thing about these lip mixes is that they are a pro product so only people who own a mac pro card can purchase them (UK anyway). However you can mix anything to the product and it does what it says on the tin.

Melissa J.
Amazing product

I love the lipmis's , i use them as bases for all sorts of colors . I add a bit to some matte mixing medium to come up with custom bases and blushes . Its the base i used in my profile pic for the glossy lid .

Lauren C.
love these! great products for makeup artists

I own 4 of these little babies: Violet, Burgundy, Red, and Pink.

They're meant to mix with other products to change their color. You can mix them with clear gloss or vaseline to create your own color. Or you can mix them with lipsticks to change the lipstick color. These are not meant to be worn alone. It's essentially pigment in a tube, meant to be mixed. Wearing it alone can be pretty drying.

Amanda K.
takes some getting used to..

i have never tried lip tars, but i assume they are like these.. i bought the orange and red lip mixes after talking to a mac MUA and seeing the picture of them being used to create this beautiful, unique crimsonish colour at a fashion show.. i must admit, they are a bit hard to work with, i am still learning, but you cant beat the colour payoff.. they are super pigmented, very much like a lipstick but in a gloss.. you can even blot them and they are very stain like.. they are a bit inaccessible though, as they are a pro product.. but work the money.. the only complaint i have is that they are a bit liquidy upon first use though.. think of how you squirt out a lot of red water out of the ketchup bottle before you acually get to the ketchup!