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Lip Conditioner SPF 15


Solvakia L.
Staple Product

I have been using this lip conditioner for years. It has been a staple in my beauty regimen. I love how moisturizing it is. I use it under my lipsticks and lip glosses or by itself. Either way, your lips will thank you.

Lauren C.
this is a great lip conditioner

I wear this every night before bed. I also apply it on all of my clients before working on them. It leaves the lips soft and supple, and has a great vanilla scent to it

Laaya A.

Amazing lip conditioner! I use this as a gloss after putting my lip liners or lip stick and it gives it an amazing look. I didn't officially buy the product yet, but I got a sample to try it and it is worth buying. The scent is AMAZING as well. I hope to buy it one of these days.