Foundation Pump

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Simera H.
Must Have

This pump is a must have for any mac foundation that does not come with a pump. It saves me a ton of product and prevents wasting. I still don't understand why Mac does not include the pump with their foundations. I have had mine for many years and I just switch it to my new foundation bottles.

Wafi A.

I don't really use MAC foundation all that much anymore, but when I did I would never buy without a pump. I actually think they should make their foundations with a pump.

Every time you open the container to pour anything out bacteria is always trying to find a way in. It's unsanitary to keep opening the bottle each time.

You also save product if you can measure the amount of product that comes out. Save money and just buy a pump.

Krishna B.

An absolute must have for any mac foundation that comes without a pump. I've had mine forever and just switch it out when I buy a new bottle of foundation. It's just a lot cleaner and more sanitary than pouring out of the bottle.

Pam Y.

This pump is great. It saves me so much product because I only use 1 pump for my whole face. It also really helps me get the very last drop of the foundation so I don't have to turn the bottle upside down and bang and tap for the last little bit. You can also turn head of the pump to prevent your foundation from oxidizing.

Amanda K.
never use product without =]

this definitely prolongs the life of my fdn.. and it gives me just the right amount of product each time, never too much and if i need more i just pump again. i hate wasting product and i hate when liquid makeup has no pump, so for what, seven bucks? i think its a great buy

Emily E.

Seriously, i absolutely HATE foundations that don't have pumps, you end up wasting SO much product. This pump is the greatest accessory! It makes it a trillion times easier AND it dispenses a fair amount of product with one pump.

Nuru A.

What's not to like about this nifty attachment? Dispensing the foundation is made very convenient with the pump. There is no option but to buy this when buying M.A.C foundation.