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Azalea M.

Totally did not think I was going to buy this product. I had looked at the palette once before, and really was not impressed by the color scheme. I saw it a second time, and a wonderful young man showed me so many ways I can used the colors. I wore all of the eyeshadows in this palette out to dinner on my birthday, and everyone loved it!

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Brenda M.
love it!
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Omg do I love this quad, I Usually try and stay away from premade quads since their quality has been bad lately. Well this one is amaizing! The colors are pigmented little effort to make em pop, great color pairing. I recebtly did a tutorial using this quad. It just screams spring & summer, cant wait to make more tutorials using this quad!!!

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Barbie V.
Trendy, summery, perfect!

I was recently invited to attend the MAC Pro Spring Summer 2012 Trends Presentation and was so blessed for the experience. I was able to get up to date on all the upcoming trends in makeup, as seen on runways around the world! After the presentation I had to purchase the Call Me Bubbles palette. One of the trends discussed was the return of metallics with a pull toward more earthy metallic colors (coppers and terra cottas) and this palette had the perfect metallic color! It also has a gorgeous pink, orange (two of my favs) and a beautiful highlight color. It was a perfect mix and as always - super pigmented. I was so happy with my purchase and the whole evening that I ran home to film a YouTube video and blog post explaining all the upcoming trends mentioned and also hauling my new goodies. This is one palette I was proud to show off!

Jacquelyn J.

Call Me Bubbles, Colour Added and Shop & Drop Quads are amazing!! The pigmentation of them are amazing! I have used Call Me Bubbles and Shop & Drop Quads so far and I have not tested out Colour Added Quad yet. I do recommend getting them from Shop/Cook Collection!

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gee m.

The Call Me Bubbles palette is a very nice palette however I find that these eye shadow’s need to be used with a base in order to make the colors pop. All four of the colors work will together and are very pretty. The most pigmented color in the palette is Brash which is a (VXP) one swipe and the color shows up beautifully. The rest of the colors I had to build the colors up. I experience no fall out with these eye shadows and I would recommend this product to a friend.

Zunnahzuthousand K.
Amazing when they're right; terrible when they're wrong

MAC's limited edition quads are unbelievably inconsistent. Their more recent palettes that debuted with their spring 2012 collection, "MAC Cook," are wonderful; creamy with incredible pigmentation, they're the paragon of MAC eyeshadows. Conversely, their 2011 fall quads were extremely disappointing; I would literally push my finger into the pan and rub back and forth and barely any pigmentation was visible in the swatch. In addition, because there are four shades in each palette, there's generally a lot of variation in quality within the quad; for instance, in MAC's spring 2012 collection, the gray shade in "Color Added" was course with low pigmentation while the other shades had strong pigmentation with a buttery and soft texture. It's a hit or miss kind of job. I'd recommend just checking them out, taking into account their price ($38 as of 2012), and deciding whether or not you think it's worth it. I will say that, regardless of the quality, the color combinations are usually very creative and appealing.