Eye Shadow X 2


Katie P.
beautiful colors!

I saw this palette and thought ewww! but the lady behind the counter said it was her favorite. sooo I got it. after trying these colors I was surprised at how gorgeous they are ! I dont own any yellow shadow but this palette has a really pretty mustard color. its perfect for fall! and is actually really beautiful on :] and then there is a deep turquoise blue with a hint of shimmer. together they are the perfect transition into fall. love this! :D

Lina K.

The light one, is really just a light, really pretty pink colour, that looks amazing on the eye. The dark one, however, is a bit more complex. This one looks purple-ish, but it has this glitter, you know, which sparkles in kind of a greenish tint, so it looks absolutely amazing on! It sounds a bitt odd, but it looks absolutely awesome on.