Crushed Metallic Pigment


Valencia F.

This is one of my favorites from the Surf, Baby! Collection. I have not worn them on me yet but have done swatches on them. I love that the pigments are exactly what they appear in the containers except more sparkly. I may just have to buy another incase I run out...

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Maya C.
Gorgeous colors.

I bought this because I LOVE the colors in it, but I'm not very experienced with pigments or loose eyeshadows. I told myself I could figure it out, but... I don't think it's happening for me. These have such an odd texture, they don't really stick to the brush unless you really shove it in and smush the product into it, but then they don't apply smoothly or evenly to the eye. I had the best luck smearing these with my finger. It's hard to get just the right amount on too, and if you get too much it will crease like crazy. I think I'm going to go into a MAC store and ask them to show me how to use these because I'm just not getting it!

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Annie O.

I like the other girls here am a huge fan of pigments but for what this was worth I was not overly thrilled. I enjoyed alot of them, the gold was a solid ball of pigment when I got it I tried to break it up with my brush and it just flattened out not really doing well at all So I am working on a way to try and figure out how I am going to manage with that. The teal and silver I had no problem with and they were really great, although the navy blue/black glitter shade I was not impressed with, the creasing was terrible and I was even using my paint pot which never fails me and talk about blending? please there was black everywhere I am with rainbowifyme below I had it all over my eyes not even two hours into wearing and I thought wow 32.50 for 4 pigments when usually its 19.50 for one, but I guess it what you pay for. I made all that rush to my local mac counter, only to be disappointed and with my relationship with mac. Its a very rare occasion

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Donna T.
Original and awesome!

I love these. I only have Butterfly Party, but I love it. Even if the product itself wasn't really great, it just looks cool!! The shadow itself is really silky and pigmented, although you do have to be wary of fallout. I don't think that these last any longer or shorter than a regular MAC shadow. I really dig the finish on these shadows, they almost look like wet metallic.. very pretty!

Sherri S.
Gorgeous colors.. secret technique!!

I have been buying these crushed metallic pigments whenever Mac comes out with new shades.. they are sooooo gorgeous. But when it came to applying was a disaster.. they were not applying well, either too soft & muted or crumbly all over the face .. fingers seemed best to apply - but difficult to control the shape of application .. AND THEN ... a wonderful makeup artist at a MAC counter gave me the secret to working with these shadows.. #242 brush & a spritz or 2 of Fix+ ... and it worked like magic Gorgeous colors.. complete control of the application.. I can blend.. & I don't have cheeks full of pigment dust! Yah baby!!! lol

Latia C.
Summery Bronzy Colors = ♥

Last summer, I missed out of the pigment stack that came out with the Surf Baby Collection. When I found out that the pigments stacks were coming out again, I instantly scooped up the Aloha stack, my favorite out of the three for 2012. Honestly, I'm SO happy with my choice. The colors are GORGEOUS and perfect for a summer bronze look, but can also transition well in the fall. My favorite color out of the stack has to be Campfire. I've paired Campfire with a matte dark brown in the crease and it came out beautifully. Now I will admit that the colors are very frosty, so if you don't like that, you wouldn't like these. I love them and I plan on using them a lot more during the summertime. The pigmentation is great and as you swipe on the color, the color seems to intensify. A great product from MAC.

Emily K.
Best Pigmentation

I'm a big fan of gold and coppery eyeshadows. So I had to get this in Aloha Shifting Sands: silvery champagne Aloha: smokey brown Lantern Lights: orangey gold Campfire: orangey copper All of these wonderful shades have golden shimmer to them. And the metalic finish comes out even more when they are applied wet. The colour payoff is out of this world, especially when u use a white or goldy base. I'll probably buy other Crushed Metallic Pigments too :)

UrBeautician B.

I so Love the crushed metallic pigments from mac. So vibrant and the versatility of what you can do with them really helps. my all time fav in this swatch is the light rose. great for a subtle everyday look.

Katie P.
amazing colors! love it!

The colors are really amazing! they are more hard to blend but I just have to work at it a little more. but the color pay off is amazing! Especially when I apply them wet. Ive gotten quite a bit of compliments with these :D ! there's some fall out but honestly it looks so great I don't mind the clean up :]. the pigment balls up a bit but I just shake them then waa laa! I use the plastic inside each pigment that it came with and just pad the pigment off that. it works great. I love how they stack together and you can mix and match!

Rachel K.
Love them!

I bought this stack because the colors were so unique and beautiful. When I got it home the first thing I did was swatch them. And I was hooked! They are amazingly pigmented. Go on so easy. Blend like butter! I seriously can not say enough good things about this product. I was so amazed that I went back to MAC the next day and bought the other stack in the collection. I can honestly say that I will never pass up another Crushed Metal Pigment Stack ever again!