Cremestick Liner


Lauren H.

My favorite go to lip liner and I hate that MAC discontinued it. This color was great and would glide on beautifully. I wish that MAC would bring it back in stock.

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Stefanie N.

Its my go to lip liner and I swear it just about goes on every single person I know. I don't know one person who can't use this shade of red. I have even made non-believers that never thought they could ever wear red lipstick till this liner! I sometimes use the liner on its own for a matte look or if not I add on a lipstick or gloss

Myrna P.

I pair this with Freshbrew and I love it. Glides on smoothly and stays on for a long time. I put a tad bit of lipglass and waa laa you have the perfect combo :)

Nadia N.

My favorite lipliner of all time! I have a few of these and I love the color payoff and they definitely don't bleed outside my lips. They are the best for filling in the lips due to them being retractable. They are definitely more creamy than your average lipliner which I love.

Jamie Lynn P.
Dupes are out there for Sublime Culture!

Just posted Dupe it up: Dupe for MAC Creamstick in Sublime Culture

Long story short, Rimmel Exaggerate Retractable Liner in Addiction is almost an exact dupe for Sublime Culture, at a fraction of the cost (4ish dollars vs. 17.50) check it out!

Nancy-Lee C.
The best retractable!
Photo of product included with review by Nancy-Lee C.

This review is for "Naked Rose", which I do not see listed. This is the best retractable liner that I have used and I have tried several: such as Clinique and Lancome.

This goes on velvety smooth, it does not drag and is not drying. This colour works well with my natural lip colour, which is dusty pink, so I can use this with EVERYTHING and my lip stick stays longer and truer. The reason I gave it a full 5 star is because I can fill in my lips and top it with gloss only and the gloss does not run off my lips.

I prefer retractable pencils because you do not need to travel with a sharpener but lets face the truth - you get more product with a real pencil. This is one of those cases where I choose convenience over cost per use.