Clear Lipglass

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Tamara  W.

I use to wear the MAC Clear Lipglass through high school into my first semester of college. I found that it was great during the winter seasons because it kept my lips very moisturized and shiny. However, I stopped wearing it because I noticed that it was a bit sticky during the warmer months and not to mention my boyfriend hated it. I would not recommend this to someone who is a kisser (Lol) or anyone who doesn't like shiny sticky lips.

Patricia A.

For my hubby, this is the worst. It's thick and the texture it's just awful (hair gets stuck a lot!) and the look it gives, just too fake. Again,there are other gloss around that will give the same effect but with a better texture.

Melissa A.
Terrible. A huge waste of money.

I needed a good gloss to go over lipsticks, but this was a huge disappointment. I love MAC's lip products, but this one falls short of their normal standard. It is extremely thick and sticky and uncomfortable on your lips. The cap does NOT stay on no matter how tightly you twist it and it's leaked out and gotten a ton of my other lipsticks sticky. Yuck! I will NOT be buying this product again and I would NEVER recommend this to anyone.

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Claire S.
A staple in every make up artist's kit

This is a staple in every make up artists kit. It is an extremely versatile product, of course, I use it as a lip gloss but in a pinch it can be used as a brow gel, mixed with pigment to give a shiny, greasy eye effect, on the high points of the face to catch the light and give the skin dimension and a beautiful, dewy glow ... the list goes on!! couldn't do without it :-) much love xoxo

Carmella P.

this is way too sticky and thick. the product dribbles all over the tube if you accidentally squeeze. if you own this product please make sure it is shut tight otherwise you will have sticky goo all over your tube. yuck. oddly enough i feel that this product should be more moisture less sticky if that makes sense. it does not feel good on my lips at all.

Myrna P.

I tried it on today and it is so nice. Thick & shiny :). I just love how nice it is and I recd compliments on my lips immediately after applying it. My sister always has this and I never understood why she paid $14.50 for it. I do.

Simera H.

I love this product. I personally don't mind sticky glosses because they just last a lot longer. This gives your lips the ultimate shine. I usually use this gloss to make my own colored lipglosses with Mac pigments. A little bit goes a very long way

Kristin S.
Just don't like it

This is one of the only lipglosses I have ever tried that I absolutely can not wear. It is way to sticky and super thick. It just doesn't wear comfortably. It is also so glossy that it almost gives a "greasy" appearance. Not a fan.

Ashley Z.

I hate this product, it's thick and it never comes off! well it feels like it never does! It's really sticky too, I regret buying it for sure and will never buy it again, there are alot of other clear glosses that work better then this!

Chavalier J.

This is wonderful because it looks great on MAC pigments as well as plain by itself. I also love it because it's so sticky and I have been known to use it as hair gel for a fix in public lol. This is the greatest in the lipglass family from MAC!