Beauty Powder


Skyler S.
Lovely all over face powder!

Beautiful face powder! I love to mix it in with my liquid foundation to give a nice natural glow all over the face. not to shimmery. just enough. I was never into highlighting or I just forgot, but this product looks so good on me that I always remember and I love the way it looks. Looks natural and lovely. A most buy while the collection is still out.

Madi B.
So pretty

The colour that I have is called blush of youth, they don't sell it anymore but it is an amazingly pretty colour and I use it as an everyday colour

Angela B.
Pretty color

I got MAC Beauty Powder in Alpha Girl (part of the flower collection) as a gift. It is this beautiful light pink color. Perfect for the cheeks. Too bad it isn't pigmented. I tried rubbing my fingers really hard on the compact but the color just won't show. You have to really load up your brush for the color to be visible.