227 Large Fluff Brush

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James C.
wash brush

Ideal for a wash of colour on the eye or for blending this brush has become a staple in my kit. Suitable for contour work and blush its good all round brush for eye and face work.

Simera H.

This brush is huge but I love to use it to apply a wash of color all over my eyes and it's perfect for applying a highlight to your brow bone. It is very dense and soft at the same time. I also use this brush sometimes to blend out harsh line.

Amanda K.
Great for contouring

I know this brush is mainly used for a quick wash of colour all over the lid, but I find it actually to be the most effective at contouring the face. For areas like the sides of the nose and the hollows of the cheeks, especially. I use it with my Blunt blush and it works fantastically. Its also great for a brow highlight, especially if you're like me and have much space between lid and brow =]

Mari W.
A fantastic, but not essential, highlighter & all over lid brush
Photo of product included with review by Mari W.

I purchased the MAC227 (18 cm) brush in autumn of 2010. I wanted something that would relieve the pressure of using my MAC 217 for so many areas of my eye. It’s fantastic for applying highlighter to the brow bone and blending my transition color to my highlight color. To my amazement, it also does a wonderful job with applying and blending out an all over the lid color. Because of the black goat hair, I do not worry about staining the brush. Moreover, I can wash the brush in the evening and know it will be dry the next morning. I use a small or medium Brush Guard on the MAC 227 to keep the shape. It’s a welcome addition to my collection.

There are alternatives to the $30 MAC 227. Sigma offers the E50 at $9 and Crown sells the C407 for only $3.11. I do not own either the Sigma or Crown versions. Though I personally adore this brush, I do not consider it to be an essential brush like a blending brush (MAC 224 or 227), a lay down brush (MAC 239), or pencil brush (MAC 219). I think of the 227 as a technical brush where one has already assembled the core components of the brush collection and is interested in a unique brush for a more specific application.

Aspen S.
Great for large area coverage.

Its large body makes it great for applying an all over base coat. The fibers are very dense so it does not take in a lot color, it deposits nearly all of it. Its called a fluff brush I thinks its pretty stiff. Awesome for a brow highlighter brush.

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