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222 Tapered Blending Brush

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Lillee T.
it sheds a bit but it is the perfect brush

The brush sheds a little but it is the BEST brush to soften up color . I use it as my outer V or when I put shadow liner under my eye to soften it up but squeezing it together and it is my go to brush!

Simera H.

The Mac 22 brush is the perfect brush for applying eyeshadow to crease. I like it a lot because I have small eyes and it helps me put eyeshadow precisely where I want it. I don't use this brush to blend my eyeshadows to often but its great for the crease. If you have small eyes and you think the Mac 217 is too big then try this one out.

Krishna B.
One of the best crease brushes out there!

My favorite crease brush of all time is the MAC 226, however, it was a limited edition brush and is not available on the website at this time (though I really hope they bring is back permanently). The MAC 222 is not as tapered as the 226, but it is still an absolutely amazing crease brush. It fits perfectly into the socket of the eye, and the dense white bristles make it perfect for picking up and blending out eyeshadows. If you can't get your hands on a 226, this brush is the next best thing! (FYI, the Sigma counter part to this brush is good, but not as tapered, so I think it is worth the money to get the MAC 222 instead).

Nadia N.

This is a good brush if you want a color right in the crease. You have to really work hard to blend it out though. I use it with the 217 to blend more than one color in the crease.

Thorunn Sif T.
Great brush for creasework

I got this one in my kit from makeup school and I really like it. It's great for applying shadow to the crease and I also use it for blending and I sometimes use it for highlighting. It isn't exactly a must have but it's a great tool to keep in your belt.