163 Flat Top Contour Brush

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Misscurstiemarie H.
Multi Purpose Purrfect for Contouring!

This is my go to brush for contouring, it's a good multi use brush especially when it comes to using certain textures such as cream, powder, or liquid. I contour with Cream & Powder, I have a Diamond shape face, so I have a lot of angles & I love to show my bone structure off. This brush creates smooth, purrfect lines; I don't use this brush to blend I use my 187 MAC brush to blend out the lines I created to give that Natural Contour Look.

The Brush is over all a must have in my everyday brush set, as well as my PRO Brush Belt set. I recommend buying this brush to achieve a good contoured look.

Hope this helps! Look to my Beauty Channel on Youtube or here for more Beauty Info! xo

Erica L.
My go to face brush

Having a diamond shaped face makes contouring and highlighting a must for me to soften my face. I really have to have precision in my placement and shading to make it look natural so this is the brush for me. I like to compare this brush to the pencil brush for the face; it puts the product exactly where you want it. Grab a nice duo-fibre highlighting brush and blend from there!

Gabrielle S.
Not a must have

MAC 163 Flat Top Contour Brush, is a brush that I was so excited to purchase but now that I own it I almost forget that I have it. It works well to place contour on the face, but you definitely need another brush to blend the product out. I find it easier to just use the 109 brush for contour though - small enough to get a more defined contour but fluffy enough to blend with as well. I would not recommend this brush to friends.

Alexandra J.
Great Brush!

This is a great brush to apply contour. I do not use it to blend though. I apply contour everywhere that needs it with the 163 and then blend it out with the MAC 109. This brush apply product in such a precise area you can't go wrong. I'm so happy I bought this brush.

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Annie A.
Great Contour Brush . . but definitely not a Blender

The 163 brush has synthetic bristles which are feel, firm, silky and soft to the touch. So far from playing around with this I have learnt than you shouldn’t even bother trying to blend with this brush . . .it’s not a blender, it’s a placer, which does make it a very good contour brush. The main thing I’ve learnt from playing around with this is too be careful how much product you pick up with this brush as the dense, short bristles can make this a nightmare to wash.

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