129 Powder/Blush Brush

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Bebe E.

this is my favorite brush for blush! The shape of it is very ideal for the place of the blush. It hasnt shed on me nor does the color bleed when I deep clean it. It's also great for powder as well.

Amanda K.
best blush brush

just what the title says. its ideal for blush. the shape is perfect and the hairs are terrific with rarely any strays falling out. it just makes your blush look so streamlined and perfect... hurray! and bronzer as well especially for blending in the temples and jaw

Taylor  R.
Great Brush

Use this brush to spread liquid foundation on. It is great for powder blushes and bronzers but especially great for evenly spreading liquid foundation. I read reviews that said the brush shed a lot, this made me very nervous but I have washed the brush many times and use it every day and only get the occasional hair shed but nothing that is not normal. even the brush is pricey i highly recommend it, it spreads the foundation smoother than any sponge that i have ever used.

Stacey L.

Used to love it but dang now its all ugly and has shedded so much hairs off. My elf brushes are as old as this brush and they are in wayyyy better condition and ive used them the same

Lesley  Y.
There's cheaper and better alternatives

This brush is TERRIBLE, and quite possibly the worst blush brush I've ever had the pleasure (? not in this context HAHA) of putting on my face besides a 90s era Bobbi Brown. Sure, the density and shape is fine and blends very well, BUT it is soooo f**king scratchy and sheds like crazy! I still don't understand why people are still buying MAC brushes at full retail value when there's better options at the drugstore level; EcoTools and Real Techniques are actually very good with a low sticker price. I actually find the quality of this brush very comparable to Sonia Kashuk and ELF. Perhaps the most mind-boggling thing of all is the fact that brushes at the same price point are even more superior to anything you can buy at MAC. Even on the Beautylish site, Wayne Goss brushes are easily accessible and is superior in every aspect. Not to mention, Hakuhodo produces both Wayne Goss and MAC brushes BUT their in-house line is simply awesome. If you're going to blow money on brushes, you're better off buying from the aforementioned brands. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!