Ultra Bland


Ashley O.

I have dry and acne prone skin that has a tendency to break out even more with harsh products. Ultra Bland is gentle enough to clean my face and leave it soft without over drying. I paired it with the tea tree toner and argon oil to moisturize and I'm finally acne free.

Julie O.
Absolutely Lush!

I adore the Lush line of products and I'm lucky to have a store within reasonable driving distance. The wonderful people who work fro Lush are generous with samples and are happy to answer questions and address concerns. I have sensitive skin, but I also have large pores and some oiliness in my T-zone, so I was looking for something that would keep my face clean without irritation. They gave me sample of this (enough for 2-3 days) and a little goes a long way!

I'm happy to say that this cleanser is one of my absolute favorites! I took the salesperson's challenge of using just this cleanser and nothing else (no toners or moisturizers) for the 3 days and I felt like my face got a reboot! I would go out of my way to buy this!

Daphne C.
Absolutely love it!

I absolutely love this product! It is so soft and nice on your skin, its especially good for sensitive skin! It removes ALL your makeup (yes even eye make up) so easily and quickly. Best purchase from Lush! (Check out my video in which I review it!)

Jen P.

I love this! It takes all of your makeup off just as effectively if not more than a heavy duty face wash, but it's so gentle and leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturized. I only recently started using it and now I can't live without it!