Tea Tree Water Toner Water

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Meaghan S.
Very refreshing on the skin

It takes forever to use this product up but thats ok, it will last longer, I was using this on my skin like 2x per day and my skin was amazing, and never broke out at all, if your skin needs a pick me up, grab for this toner .. amazing! and smells so good too!!!

nadia f.
yes but careful!

it sure helps to improve your skin and avoid breakouts BUT NEVER use it after a bath. I had been using it for months and once I used it after my shower. my skin pore's were open and the product got in and BURNED my skin like crazy. Now I'm left with a super sensitive skin and dark spots and I'll be seing a dermatologist soon. BUT the product really works to avoid breakouts, I'm using it again! just be careful not to use it after a shower...

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Rebecca C.

This is a brilliant product! I spray it on to a cotton pad and wipe it all over my face it removes oil and dirt in a flash it smells gorgeous! Really wakes you up in the morning it you spray it directly onto the face :)

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Rafaella D.

Definitely one of my must-have products. I originally tried the tea tree toner tablets from Lush, and then after consistently purchasing them, an employee showed me this. Same thing, only in a spray form. I spray it on my clean face twice a day, once in the morning before I apply my makeup and once at night after I wash my makeup off. Definitely refreshes my skin and makes me feel a little fresher. I purchased it to stay clear of blemishes and uneven skin tones. My skin tone has improved, not drastically but a little bit. My main praise to this item is the fact that it does in fact prevent breakouts. I struggle with oily skin, and make sure I always have this product.

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Suzi R.
Best toner EVER

I had tried a lot of toners previously and came to think that they were pointless until I used this one. It leaves you feeling so fresh and really does help clear blemishes! I always spritz myself after I wash my face in the morning and at night and I've noticed so much improvement in breakouts!

melissa t.

Amazing product, I love this toner. I feel so refreshed and energized after spraying this over my face. I highly recommend this product. My money was well spent - haha

Margarita H.

I stepped into LUSH on Saturday because my skin was in major need of some help. With school stress to hormones and a poor diet my face was looking pretty miserable. I went into LUSH to pick up some products and this was one of them and I am not regretful of picking this up! Although it's only been four days that I've used it I've honestly seen some major improvement on my skin. This is deffffff helpful!

Camille V.

I haven't noticed a huge difference in my skin but I love the way it feels. I love the way it smells and the whole act of spraying it on my skin is so satisfying. I usually spray it on my face and while it's still wet I'll apply my moisturizer, or if my face feels greasy in the middle of the day I'll just spritz some on and I'm good to go. Definitely give it a try!

Kimberley H.
amazing toner

This is a really nice toner. The smell is amazing and it gives a refreshing moisture boost when sprayed directly onto the face plus it cleanes the pores awsomeley i love this product and i would definitely repurchase. Thank You Lush! x

Grace M.
I absolutely love this toner, vegan dupe of MAC Fix Plus

I love this toner. Its more fool proof than fix plus. There is two toners at LUSH and each one dedicated to different skin types. This one refreshes, and help cures acne. This is a great vegan dupe of MAC Fix Plus. It doesn't tighten the skin like some toners. I recently tried the BeFine...and the bottle has already broke. I will go back to LUSH Tea Tree...holy grail, and more affordable than most toners. Has a lot of product, and I only have to buy 2 a year for myself. I use this product daily.