Sympathy for the Skin


Emma Rose S.
This stuff is the bomb..

I am obsessed with this stuff, the smell is something else and it makes my skin softer than a babies bum. I wish it was cheaper but I guess you get what you pay for and this is worth the value. I suffer from dry skin and eczema outbreaks and this really helped keep my skin moisturised and happy.

Smashley S.
Love this stuff!

I wish I could find my pictures, but this lotion makes my tattoos go CRAZYBRIGHT! I love it, the banana makes the colors pop even more throughout the day. Not to mention that, but it smells great and it's not stinky on your hands or oily. It's the perfect body moisturizer.

Erica S.

Unfortunately I must be allergic to some ingredient in this, because it made my skin super itchy. :( I don't know exactly what ingredient it is, though.

Overall this was a nice lotion so I'm kinda bummed about the reaction my skin had to it. Smells decent, good consistency, and left a slightly greasy finish but that absorbed fairly quickly.