Strawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar

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Theresa G.
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Smells just like sweet strawberries and not the artifically ones : ) If you like sweet smells than this would be for you. Very moisturizing with a fresh strawbery smell. This massage bare is more oily than others so a little goes a long way.

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Elle A.

A little goes a long way with this massage bar. I bought this for the smell alone, but it's also great for your skin (as with all lush products). It's a bit oily so you don't want to use too much of it.

Lauren F.

This is one of my favorite massage bars, I love the smell. Make sure you have time to let it soak in after use though, because it's very oily, but worth it!

Angie R.
My Favorite Massage Bar!

Talk about adorable packaging! I love the design of this massage bar.

I absolutely LOVE this massage bar. This might sound weird, but I LOVE the smell of Strawberries, but I actually don't like eating them. While my face is oily as can be, my skin is pretty dry & this bar just moisturizes my skin perfectly. I do have severe allergies when it comes to fragrance and LUSH is probably the only store that doesn't give me a migraine or break me out.

The only down side, hence the 4 1/2 stars, is that it looks a little greasy. I use it on my body because other body moisturizers irritate the Bajeezus out of my skin, but I wouldn't recommend using this as an all over body moisturizer.

Bailey R.
Splurge of love.

It smells so yummy and it's such a fun, girly product. It's not something I would use on a daily basis because it's kind of a hassle when you don't have time to really let it sink in, but it DOES smell lovely and makes a great gift.

Melanie G.

I've always loved the massage bars from Lush. They last forever and are super easy to use. I've found that I dislike the scents of most of them, though, but this is an exception. It smells like delicious strawberries, and the shape of it is absolutely adorable! I have had this for a very long time, and the smell is still very strong like when I first got it. It works great for massages (it might be too greasy to use as regular body moisturizer) and my boyfriend loves it as well!