Silky Underwear


Nancy-Lee C.
Best body powder ever.

I can't even describe how amazing the jasmine and vetivert smells . It is made with cocoa butter, so your skin is so soft but not greasy, you do not know there is butter in this product, it feels of powder only. I have used this since 1998. It makes me feel clean and refreshed. I apply it all over, after a shower... skipping a shower... I highly recommend it. It is Lush's #1 selling powder.

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Erica L.
My favorite body powder

This stuff is amazing. I really enjoyed the scent which is rare for me because I'm kind of an all natural gal when it comes to fragrance. It wasn't overbearing; it had a soft, clean scent which is refreshing when I get out of the tub. It also made my skin feel velvety and silky without the wet feel.

Jen P.
Great Product, OK Scent

I had never used body powder until I bought this dusting powder from LUSH. I was pleasantly surprised at how versatile it is, and how effective it is. I'm not thrilled with the scent, but it's subtle enough that it doesn't interact with my perfume at all.