Marian M.

I curl my hair almost every single day for my job, so the ends of my hair really suffer. I bought a pot a few weeks ago and it has made a tremendous difference on my ends and my hair itself. I used Argan oil previously, but it really weighed down my hair and my hair got greasy very fast, but R&B keeps my hair healthy and bouncy without getting greasy. Best of all, you don't even need to use a lot of it! One pot can last you months since you only need to use a tiny finger full. I definitely recommend this product to anyone whose hair gets oily fast and wants to keep their hair healthy between haircuts.

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Shanelle B.
Works well , however I am running through it already

I have transitioning wiry hair and this is the only leave-in conditioner that moisturizes my natural hair without leaving my treated hair limp. I love it however I have been using it daily, and am going through it. Seeing how it has outdone coconut oil, shea butter and many other products it is well worth the price to me.

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Angela M.
Great product!

I bought this product because it was reccomended to me by one of the girls at the Lush counter. I really like it. You do not need a lot of product. This small tub is going to last a while. I just rub a tiny amout in my wet hair after I shower and it leaves my hair soft and smelling great. I even have oily hair and I use this product.

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Dani V.

It does has a strong smell of sunflower oil, but does the trick. It is way better than Moroccan oil. The product does not damage the hair or make it sticky. I do recommend this to everyone.

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Myrna P.

This is very some smooth and it really does control frizzy hair. It also smells really good. Really good for dry hair and all you need is a little to scrunch into the hair.

Michelle B.
Very very good

I was recommended this product from some of the girls at Lush that claim they swear by it, and now I completely understand why! This is a great product for damaged and dry hair. I have extremely long, thick, hair that has a lot of volume and I need less than a dime size of the product to see a difference. Most people that find it oily either apply to much for their hair, or use it on their roots. The product isn't suppose to be used on your roots unless your roots themselves are extremely dry. Even then, most of it should be used on the ends of your hair. It makes my hair soft and smooth and makes it feel healthier overall. The smell is strange but at the same time i enjoy it (it smells like citrus and herbs). My mom also loves this product and she has a perm in her hair (making it more dry than usual). Both of us combined have used several containers in the past 2 years and will continue using it until they discontinue it!

Jen P.

I really love this! My hair is so damaged so I've been looking for some sort of miracle hair treatment. After reading a lot of reviews, I decided to give this a try. I really like the scent, texture, wonderful ingredients, and the fact that it kind of doubles as a styling product! I'm definitely really happy with this purchase. The only issue I have is the high price.

Sofia C.

im really not sure if this works but it smells great. Moroccan oil is better if you can afford it. this is great for curls but i straighten my hair. its damaged bc of bleach and dyes and all this does is make it sticky, but it does define my natural curls, which makes it LOOK healthy but idk about actual repair. not buying again.

Breelyn H.

Personally I love Lush and everything it's about but this product kind of disappointed me. I don't really like the smell of it. It smells like a really weird orange. I have a lot of hair so it was hard to distribute it through my hair without over doing it and getting my hair oily again. I would recommend this product for people with thin hair or someone that has dealt with similar oily products.

Tess K.
A definite NO!

When I first purchased this product I was highly optimistic as I love almost all lush products. When I purchased it I knew I didn't love the smell but the employee told me that it was a great buy (im clearly gullable). Anyways, I hate it, it actually makes your hair smell for days! It also makes your hair "crispy" if you use the "scrunching" technique even with a tiny amount of product! I haven't noticed any change in my hair at all. I do not recommend this product!

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