Noubar Soap


Alicia O.
Fresh, cleansing, a delight

I bought Noubar a LONG time ago, because I was trying everything LUSH that I could get my hands on. A sales associate told me that it was made with pistachios. SOLD. The smell is very interesting, but not in a bad way. I like the nutty smell and how it lingers after the shower is over. Now, if only I could find a good perfume to put on to complement it... :)

Ariane C.

This has a lovely smell. It's quite nutty smelling, because of the peanuts in it, but it's got a little bit of floral to it. It's really moisturizing and creates a super rich lather when used with a loofa. I don't know if I would get it again though. I think I prefer to use this as a hand soap than a body soap.

Melanie G.
Unique Scent

I got this soap as a sample at Lush. They asked what type of soaps I liked and I told them anything creamy, so they said that noubar would work great for me. The scent of this soap is really interesting and I definitely like it! Its a very nutty scent and stays on your skin for a long time after your shower, which is a huge plus for me when it comes to scents. Its also very pretty in appearance (I'm using it almost as a bathroom decoration now). Overall, a fun soap to use and very creamy as well. I would consider purchasing a full bar.

Missy M.

I know a lot of people like this soap, but the smell is really off-putting for me. It smells (to me) like dirt and grass, which isnt what I want to smell in my bathroom. But, it is very moisturizing.