Mange' Too

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Theresa G.

I love all of lushes massage bars. I feel like I am pampering myself after every shower or bath. I think it is extreamly necessary to to keep up with your skins appearance. To keep that youthful look. Love the scent of this massage bar smells like white chocolate.

Kalyn A.
Smells good enough to eat!

I love this massage bar! It's really moisturizing, like all their massage bars, but the smell is really what stands out. It's an amazing honey white chocolate smell that somehow manages to not be overwhelmingly sweet. My boyfriend loves it!

Sara B.
One of my favorite from Lush

I have buy the Mange'Too the first time that I have go to Lush. I already haved buy it 3 more times because it is amazing!!! Love the smell, love that the skins become so moisturized and smelling realy good!

Laylay W.
Perfectly Delicious Moisturizer!

I love this bar so much that I had to suggest it be added to beautylish! It is exactly as I described above and lasts a lot longer than you'd think (like 2-3 months)!! If you love all natural skincare as much as I do or if you just like body butters this is perfect for you, I keep mines on a glass dish on my vanity for convenience :)

wonderfully moisturizing like all LUSH massage bars. the scent is a little too foody sweet for me, it's pretty pungent. in a sweet way. good product but I prefer the other massage bars available.

Grace M.
This is nice s a moisturizer...just be aware its a tingler product

I loved this product...lasts a long time bc it is a thick bar of solid lotion...solid lotions or massage bars at LUSH have slowly become one of my fave LUSH products. This bar hydrates, and smells slightly like white chocolate and a little like bananas. I have to mention as a disclaimer for those who hate tingles a bit...I love tingling tanning lotions (once upon a time, when I did tan) so this was a plus for me...just not good for use in sensitive areas, or over razor burn etc.

Desiree F.
My Favorite massage bar!

Mange' Too is one of the first products I purchased from Lush! Anyone who's ever shopped Lush can identify when I say It's so hard to choose! I can never decide on which products I want and this picked this bar up on a whim. It smells wonderful, the bar form is easier than lotion, and it leaves my skin moisturized all day.

Katy M.

i love, love, LOVE the smell of this massage bar! the only thing i don't like is that it takes a long time for the lotion to be fully absorbed into the skin so sometimes stuff (like dirt or stray hairs) will stick onto your skin. but a great product otherwise!

Eliza C.

This made my skin so oily, smells bad, even before bed my sheets would get oily, it doesn't sink in. UGh so disapointed! I can;t believe Lush made this, never again will I buy a massage bar