Love Lettuce fresh face masks


Sofia C.
best facemask

my most favorite face mask. it does everything my skin needs it to do: exfoliate,cleanses, clears acne, moisturize, calm redness, leaves it radiant and perfect. i wish i had a face cleanser version of this.

Anne F.
Great for combination skin.

This mask works really well for me. It calms down the acne on my chin and doesn't dry out my dry cheeks. Once I wash it off I'm left with really soft skin. Plus it makes me a green lizard for 10-30 minutes, which is always an added bonus. I general get about 4 masks out of one pot of this, depending on how thick I lay it on.

Meagan  M.
Need a Spa Night?

I bought this mask because I saw it on a beauty vlogger's video. I was super excited to try a lush mask. (Disclaimer) Depending where you are located some of their products cannot be sold online. So I bought mine at a lush store. They sampled some on my hand and I was super impressed with how smooth it was. So I made it part of my beauty routine. There are a few things you should know before you buy. 1. It has an expiration date on it. I used mine past it and nothing happen. Yet, I am still doing research on that. However, the mask it self is so amazing. It's easy to clean off your face. It's not super runny. It's thick and has a good bearable smell. It softens and cleans deep into your skin. I use some other Lush products (Angels on Bare Skin and a moisturizer) before the mask because the mask is more of the "Icing on the cake" kind of thing. It just enhances your skin care routine.

Zainub S.

this product is soo good. I always use lush because its vegan and no animal testing. I can honestly say this is one of the best face masks I have ever used. it leaves your face feeling brand new!

"leaves your face feeling brand new" is pretty much the best description of what this product does. gentle but effective exfoliation, leaving fresh, smooth, soft skin. pleasant smell. I love using this. sometimes I use it on other parts of the body too. well, it has to be used up quick--no preservatives means it has to be used within two weeks or less!

Danielle R.
Very fresh

My initial thought to a face mask that has an expiration date was: huh? I can honestly say that it's better than I thought. The almond gives a very gentle exfoliating feel. I used this with another lush face product that I can't remember the name of. The sales lady said that it was supposed to help the face mask work. Maybe that's why it worked well for me. Regardless it's sitting in my refrigerator right now ready for use tonight!

Angel C.
Good exfoliant my skin just didn't like it

This mask is really nice is you need to deep clean your skin and exfoliate at the same time. It smells nice and feels nice on. unfortunately for new, it purged my skin more than I would have liked it to. I broke out in a few places, and had one deep painful one under my chin. Ik it was just getting all the gunk out of skin, but I just wasn't a fan of blemishes on my skin afterwards so I exchanged it for cosmetic warrior which I'm trying out for the first time now too. All in all this is a good mask if your skin can handle the purging better than mine. Lush is a terrific company and I won't let this one insignificant incident keep me from trying out all their other masks.

Eilla S.
Kinda harsh

The almond shell in this masque is a bit too harsh for my skin. it also dries out my skin a bit even though it helps with my acne. The lavender in this product actually calms my skin down but the clay is just too drying for my skin sadly after a few uses. I do like how my skin feels after but the effects don't last long. I do need to put on moisturizer after.