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Michell J.

I love it. It is pretty awesome, but for the price, I like to make my own. Just take sugar, coconut oil and your fav Kool-Aid pack and mix it, and jar it. Bam your done <3

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Latia C.
My Go To Lip Scrub

I like these lip scrubs. I have the Sweet Lips one and whenever I use it, it makes my lips feel really nice and less chapped. In my opinion, this is a good product to have year round, but especially during the wintertime when the harsh winds and cold can really dry out your lips and cause them to chap. I will definitely be repurchasing this whenever I run out of it to keep on stock for the cold winters or whenever my lips need a little TLC. Not only do the lip scrubs taste delicious (since they are mainly sugar), but they are in a practical jar and do not take up a lot of space. I would recommend using this with a small spatula though because if you use your wet fingers, it will clump up and be a little harder to use. All in all, it is a great product, and it is on my list of favorites from Lush.

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GretalRabbit L.
Photo of product included with review by GretalRabbit L.

I love this scrub- it really smoothes out my lips. I'm not a fan of the price though (£4.75 for 25g of sugar!) So I make my own version- I use caster sugar, oil (I like walnut) and some almond or vanilla extract, it has exactly the same smoothing properties at a tiny fraction of the price. The picture is my version (left) and the Lush (right) You can find the recipe on my blog:

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Olivia M.

The lemon sugar scrub tastes so good I almost want to lick it off after exfoliating. The end result: lips feel silky smooth and matte lipstick goes on like a dream. Thank you for pressuring me to buy it at the register, lush! good sales tactic, one that I hoped to evade and one I'm glad I didn't

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Elana S.
Unnecessary product

From the first glance, it looks like a great item. Cute packaging, nice color, amazing smell. But when you really look at it and use it, all it is is fabricated sugar in a jar with a $9 price tag.

I love lush and im a huge believe in pampering yourself, but you can do the same for virtually no price. If you take some essential oils, food coloring, and sugar voila, you've got your own lip scrub.

In my opinion it is an extremely uncessesary product, and i cant think of anybody who would actually benefit from it. I would not buy it nor recommend it.

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Livvy P.
Waste of money.....

Don’t get me wrong, I loooove lush products but when I first tried it, I was really disappointed as I realised it’s just caster sugar and food colouring! It is a good lip scrub but I can achieve better results by using a toothbrush (10p) or just rubbing a bit of sugar together to make my lips smooth. Seriously, £4.95 for 25g, it’s a waste of money as I can get better alternatives for a fraction of the cost.

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Courtney J.

I bought this lip scrub 5 months ago and I still have some left after using it everyday. It leaves my lips soft and bright. It smells and tastes wonderful. Mine was bubblegum. Well done lush!

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Angel C.
Mint Julips is to die for!

Got my Mint Julips in the mail and was sooooooooooooooooo happy when I tried it out. It tastes absolutely amazing, and it really does slough off the dry skin from your lips leaving them smooth and plump. I believe I have now found my new favorite scrub!

Side note: I hated the Santa's cola-flavored lip scrub by Lush. The smell and the taste was way to artificial for me. I'll stick with the heavenly blend of Mint Julips from now on.

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Randi S.
I'm obsessed!

I just bought this recently and I love it. My lips get extremely dry and I always feel like no matter what I do they will never be extra soft and free of dead skin. This scrub gets everything off, taste great and gives me long lasting soft lips.

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Arianne C.
Perfect (and delicious) lip scrub.

I have all three of these scrubs (bubblegum, popcorn and mint julips). They smell amazing and taste even better. A small amount of product buffs away all of the dead skin on my lips but at the same time leaves them feeling soft and plump. And a bonus, because they're made of natural products you can just lick it straight off your lips.

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