Jungle Conditioner


Anna C.
It works, trust it!

At the the very beginning it seems not to work, because when you wet it under the shower it doesn't create a moisture cream or something, but rubbing it directly on your hair, leaving it for about 3 minutes and then rinse away, it will give you shiny, soft, volumizing hair, which will be combed so easily! My hair are thick and a frizzy! So if it works for me...and also I have loads of hair!

Santana V.
My curls thank you

first off, i have thick very curly hair. I part my hair in 2 sides then smooth th bar up and own on each side , both sides . I leave it in. i flash rinse to get out excess but i leave it in. The manager at Lush recommeded this. I find that not only does my hair smelll amazing but it calms down my curls alot, gives them extra moisture that lasts throught the week. easier to manage. washes out esay as well. Goes along well with my Lusters pink oil moisterizer.

Caysie G.

I recently bought this conditioner from the Lush store. It's certainly difficult to get used to at first.... you can't even feel it on your hands or in your hair. I think the trick is to rub the bar in your hands for a few seconds and then spread that on your hair then twist your hair into a single strand and then rub it gently onto the ends of the hair. My hair has never been softer, shinier or smelled better. I've always had horribly frizzy hair that required heavy products to straighten. For the first time, I didn't need to use any products and my hair is super sleek and soft. Another hit from Lush.

Jen P.

This conditioner smells AMAZING! I find that it works best if you cut a piece off and mix it with some hot water to turn it into a pasty kind of texture. My hair is a bit too damaged to use this as my regular conditioner, as I don't find it effective enough...but it just smells so good that I put it in after using a deeper conditioner just to keep the scent in my hair all day. :)

Charlotte C.
Effective, but a pain to use

I found this conditioner really effective, it made my hair quite conditioned however I felt like I could have got more out of it because I found it difficult to distribute through the hair. The scent is O-K, however I personally find it to be a bit too 'earthy' for me. Overall, Id say its worth the buy because it does work, it just takes some getting used to.

Jael H.
Smells so good

My favorite thing about Jungle is the smell, but its too light of a conditioner for my hair. So i usually use a heavier conditioner first, rinse, and then rub this in my hair mostly for the smell.

Beth B.

I just wet it, and rub it into my ends. I generally rinse out a little, leaving some to tame my flyaways! It's perfect for my fairly thin hair, unless I don't rinse out enough, in which case it gets a little lank. Overall, I love this conditioner. Also, it doesn't affect the color of henna that I use.

Grace S.
Too light for thick hair

My hair is naturally wavy and thick, and I didn't feel that this product was able to moisturize or condition it very well. I had to use a lot of it to even approximate the level of conditioning I get from thicker products. That said, I'm sure it works well for ladies with short hair who don't want a creamy, goopy conditioner but are still looking for moisture. Lovely smell as well!

Ariane C.
good for travel

I used this for years in conjunction with Seanik solid shampoo. While I do love the smell, breaking off pieces to mash it into a paste isn't ideal when you're in a rush or half asleep. I didn't find it to be overly hydrating for my hair, nor did I find it to make a noticeable difference when it came time to untangle my hair. Since releasing the pucks that fit in the steel tins, it's made traveling with these babies much easier. If you have normal or oily hair, you might like this a lot. For the rest of us, it's really nothing special.