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Jumping Juniper Shampoo Bar


Linda D.
Amazing shampoo for people who use a ton of product in their hair!

This shampoo is great for anyone that uses a lot of product in their hair. For me hairspray is my best friend. I use a ton of hairspray to achieve volume and to help hold my everyday curls. Before discovering this product I noticed my hair never really felt clean. It always had this gritty feeling to it. I was at Lush one day looking to get a hair masque until the gal that worked there convinced me to get this box special that they were having. It comes with a clarifying shampoo, conditioner, and a masque. I thought why not it was only 24 dollars and I had a 20% off coupon. I went home and tried the clarifying shampoo that night and I was impressed how my hair felt afterwards.

The jumping juniper shampoo left my hair feeling clean, smooth, and added a lot of shine to my hair. My hair felt light and back to normal. Not a lot of people know to use a clarifying shampoo just to really get a good clean. Not to mention it is color safe. I have color in my hair and haven't noticed any of the color stripping.

Only down fall about this product is that if you don't have a tin container to store this in it will melt in the shower. I only got to use mines about 10 times before it completely melted in my shower.

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Sarah M.
Best Shampoo I've ever used!

This is the only shampoo for oily hair that I have ever used. It smells amazing and the bar lasts a long time. People may think that a bar would be hard to use, its anything but that. All you need to do is rub it in your hands or straight on your hair and TAHDAH your done

Amaia G.
Great for oily hair!

I have pretty healthy hair but my roots get incredibly oily in a very short amount of time. I've tried quite a few shampoos for oily hair and seen no results at all. My roots still felt oily almost the same day I washed it. I decided to give this a try and the difference has been amazing. My hair feels really clean and my roots stay clean for days now. It was the first time I was using a shampoo bar too, but I find that I really like it. It lasts a long time and it lathers nicely.

Kristina d.
Awesome for oily hair

My hair is in pretty good condition, never color and never treated. I went into LUSH and told the girls that I was having a hard time finding something for my hair, and they pointed this out to me. They said that it is made for oily hair which I have, and I was in. She told me that people use it different ways, rubbing it in your hands like a bar of soap and then putting your hands through your hair or taking the bar itself and applying a few streaks starting at the front of your head towards the back (kind of smoothing it). I tried out both and found that the 1st way wasn't getting enough product into my hair so I opted for the second one and it's worked wonderfully. It gives my hair a beautiful shine and makes it not feel so heavy, and it is true to work with oily hair.

They also suggested a tin and I agreed since I had heard that they tend to melt in the shower. What they neglected to tell me was how to store it properly. The problem is that normally in the shower after you use the product you put it back in the tin right away - after using it a couple times I started to notice that it was starting to get stuck and I was having a really hard time getting it out. I looked onilne and they said to put it in dry to avoid this problem. That wasn't really realistic for me, and then I noticed that the lid is not as deep so I started storing it upside down.

I bought this bar as well as Seanick and it has lasted me over 2 months.

Bottom Line: Figure out your favorite way to apply it & make sure you store it properly!