Jackie Oates Colour Supplement


Yumi R.

For pale ladies like myself who love NARS Siberia colour and have a hard time finding their colour match you NEED to check this stuff out! You can mix it with your moisturizer to make a tint or (what I do) apply immediately after your moisturizer before it has completely dried. It gives such a natural finish to the skin and like it says helps tone down redness. If you have a lot to cover up you will need a separate concealer but to give an overall even look to your skin this is such a great bargain! It's only $16 CAD for .07oz and is an excellent alternative to NARS Sheer Glow/Matte in Siberia.

Depending on what moisturizer you pair it with will determine the finish. I've been using it over Kiehls Ultra Facial moisturizer which is quite light and I get a satin finish, almost matte look to my face. I always dust with a bit of loose powder but if you don't have super oily skin it's not necessary.