Imperialis Moisturizer


Alexander L.

My sister who is on the quest to find her holy grail moisturizer gave me her pot of Imperialis being unsatisfied with the product. I would say I have normal/combo skin and it worked fine for me without being overly moisturizing or oily. It was also very soothing on my chin and jaw areas where I regularly shave. Texture wise, I think it has the right amount of slip while still being thick enough not to get all over the place, and it didn't take forever to absorb.

That being said, I think I got away with this moisturizer because my skin doesn't respond erratically to too many things due to my skin type. If you are reading this and have very dry skin, Imperialis may not be moisturizing enough for you, but it's definitely worth the try, even if just in a sample pot.

It's a product Lush can be proud of in crafting because it gives satisfactory results without promising too much (e.g. brightening, anti-aging, mortgage-paying, life-changing, etc.)

Sofia C.
great for combo skin

I have combo skin and rosacea so its also sensitive and this does the trick for me. Other moisturizers for combo skin werent moisturizing enough on my dry parts but this is, while not being oily.

this is the first facial moisturizer I tried from LUSH. had a very sharp green floral scent. left a filmy layered feeling on my face and took a while to absorb. but its a decent moisturizer. I have dry skin and needed a heavier cream.

Darilynn T.
Perfect For Men.

And ladies, too. My husband refuses to "moisturize" his skin. It's combination, sensitive, and breaks out easily. I gave him a sample that I received (I was too dry for it), he used it and LOVED it! Now he's hooked!

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Hafsa I.
Perfect for combination skin!

My skin is all over the place; flaky and dry on some parts of my skin yet an oil slick on on my t-zone. This is the only moisturiser that's been capable of managing both my dry and oily skin harmoniously. I used to use Shea Butter which worked very well at moisturising my dry skin but, left my skin quite greasy and Imperialis hasn't done anything like that. I'll definitely be buying again!

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Annie C.

Like Melanie G., I must be on my 5th pot of Imperialis. Perfect for my combination skin, does not irritate my sensitive skin and moisturises just enough. I like how it nicely melts into my skin.

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Melanie G.
Favorite Moisturizer!

I'm on probably my 5th pot of this (I think I lost count)! Its the only moisturizer that I use now. It works great for my combination skin and does not give my acne at all. It also works well to cover up dry patches. I wish it were a tad less pricey, though! Or at least that it came in a larger size.

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