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Eau Roma Water


mia M.
Great toner!!

This toner is my favorite,like ever.It really cools you off in the sun and soothe sunburns.Its very inexpensive and worth it.I wear item everyday and love it.Totally recommended even when its not summer.

Catherine B.
An essential!

This is the best toner I've tried thus far. It's gentle (most other toners I've tried sting my skin something awful), the smell is inoffensive, and once you start using it, you might not be able to stop! Sometimes my skin feels a tad dry afterwards, but I apply Cosmetic Lad and it's fine!

Sydney P.
favourite toner ; use it every night

I use this toner right after my cleanser (angels on bareskin ,LUSH) and right before my moisturizer (cosmetic lad, LUSH). This gives that really refreshing feel to your face right after you clean off all the dirt. It smells really nice, and helps a lot with dry skin. You can also use this as a substitute MAC fix + , but I really love it as a toner. It firms the face but not too much, it is great and I use it every night! Highly recommend for anyone wanting to try out a toner ♥