Cosmetic Warrior Face Mask


Jadyn  W.
Cosmetic Warrior really is a Warrior for my face!

(I copied this from the review on my blog: If y'all do not know anything about my skin (FAQ), know that it is oily, acne prone, and sensitive. I have tried every remedy that I have read about in magazines, online, seen on YouTube, etc. The problem is, none of them have worked on my skin. It either is too gentle and does not combat the acne and oiliness, it is really awesome on my oil and acne but makes my face hurt, it just breaks me out, or does nothing. None of these are ideal. I need something that will really work on my oiliness, acne (and scarring, if possible), and still be sensitive enough for my skin. I think I have found the product!

LUSH has nine Fresh Face Masks. This is the only one I have tried thus far, but it is a life saver. It does not get rid of all of my spots, that is what acne-specific products are for, but it gets rid of most of them. Also, in a short amount of time. I use this every night because it is gentle while still being effective. Unfortunately, the smell is a bit off putting, however, if you can get over that, it does wonders. I am on my second pot of it and I will continue to repurchase it.

The instructions say to put on a fairly thick, even coat. Do not worry about using too much. There is more in the tub than you think. There are little chunks of what I would assume are garlic peels which can sometimes make it a little tricky to apply evenly. This can be solved by running a little bit of warm water over your fingers and lightly patting over the affected area. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes, NO MORE. If it is left on for more than ten minutes, the mask will have the reverse effect and break the skin out and irritate it. I try to stay closer to the 5-7 minute range. Then, wash it off with warm water, using a cleanser if necessary, apply any other topical treatments and head to bed. The next day, you should see an improvement in skin clarity. My skin has. There are fewer breakouts, less oil (for the most part), and my hyperpigmentation has been lightened. There was a three day gap between finishing my first tub and getting my second, but in that time period of not using it I got six new zits. Not cool.

So, if you need a heavy duty mask for skin like mine, I would thoroughly recommend the LUSH "Cosmetic Warrior" Fresh Face Mask. It retails at $6.95 per tub, lasts for approximately 21 days, and is available in stores. Hope you decide to pick one up!

eyTARA x.
Works amazing! But it smells!

I love this mask due to the fact that it really works in clearing up my skin! I hate the smell because of the garlic... but because it actually works, it is worth the stench :)

Amelia M.
The smell

I think the biggest turn off for this product is the smell of it. It's a mixture between tea tree oil and garlic. But the mask itself is great. It makes my face feel so good. I definitely will be buying this mask more often!!

Alexander L.

Yeah, the smell is pretty off. The mixture of tea tree oil and garlic doesn't produce the most pleasing of scents. To be honest, the smell can be a big turn off. But of course, that's not to say that this product doesn't do wonders for the skin. I'm not one to break out often, but if/when I do it's pretty bad. And if it so happens that I have Cosmetic Warrior on hand, I can count on it to really soothe my skin and get rid of the excess bacteria and grime.

Gabriela S.
Works well but smells bad

My face feels really clean after I use this face mask. It can be a bit drying if you have dry skin (like me). I love the smell of garlic but this smells like bathroom cleaning products to me. It works well enough for me to ignore the smell.