Catastrophe Cosmetic Face Mask


Sandx S.

Wonderful mask!! I bought some products at internet and curiously wanted to try this mask. And I 'm very surprised! feels so good and so fresh after treatment. And just for curios I took this ask at Sauna and it's wonderful. Personally now my face doesn't have blemishes like before. I know how can work for persons who have acne or blemishes. But if you have no problems I recommend! Now I order this mask everytime when finished. A Must Have!! and the best isn't so expensive. :)

Sinead B.
For Skin Good Enough To Eat

On twisting open the recycled plastic pot the gorgeous yoghurty aroma of (organic!) blueberry seriously pleases the nostrils which makes this increasingly pleasant to wear for 5-10 minutes. The calamine soothes and calms redness and irritation almost instantly stopping rash breakouts in an instance. These masks cost £5.95 which does seem a little steep but you get at least 4 applications out of one measly little tub and I usually finish mine just before it goes out of date. As Lush Fresh Facemasks contain all natural ingredients and little to no preservative you should treat these as you'd treat fresh food; refridgerated and with a 2 week life expectancy. You should also be reminded that if you collect up 5 lush pots and bring them back for recycling you'll receive one of these luscious masks for free! This creamy mask is ideal if your skin is feeling a little troublesome and is in need of a little TLC. Perfect for sufferers of dry tight skin.

Natalie B.

Can Lush ever go wrong? I think not. So far in the line of Fresh Face Mask's this is my favorite! I love blueberries for their antioxidant power so putting that on my face felt amazing. This mask is so incredibly creamy and makes the skin so soft! It smells great too and of course, is all natural. My favorite thing about these masks is that they have to be refrigerated because of how fresh and natural they are, and when you apply it to the skin the cooling effect is so refreshing. I definitely recommend this face mask.