Buffy Body Butter


Anneka F.

I was a little hesitant about buying this product, so I just got the small size - but am so glad I got it, I want more! It exfoliates my body SO well, I use it all over, but pay extra attention to my thighs, hips and bum. I've never been a fan of moisturizing my whole body after a shower, I just can't be bothered or don't have the time, but this moisturizes as well - when you get out of the shower and dry off, your skin feels so soft because of the shea butter in it. Definitely will be rebuying this.

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Rachael Y.
Exfoliation Galore!!

Buffy is a body moisturizer and exfoliator in one. I must say that appreciation for this product is an acquired taste. This is not a soap. It doesnt lather or actually clean your body. It is meant to sloth off dead skin. Because this doesnt "clean" your skin, I use it after I use my soap.

Once you start to rub Buffy on your skin (lightly) you will feel the little scrub bits on your skin. Once you wash them away you will feel how soft your skin is... (soft as a babies butt, hehe). You will also notice that the shower water is beading on your skin. When you get out of the shower, lightly pat dry.

I love to exfoliate atleast once a week in the winter, if not more. Coming closer to the summer I do it more because I know that I will be showing more skin. I dont exfoliate in the summer because I dont want to get rid of whatever tan I did obtain. But once the colder months are approaching my skin is itching and I know that my skin is craving a good exfoliation. I will be pulling out my Buffy!!!

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Angela W.

It's the scent that I like best but the buffing factor is definitely a plus. I find it a bit scratchy but it works great on my less sensitive areas like my arms and legs. To get the moisturizing benefit I work the product in my hands and smooth it over areas like my chest, etc. Overall fantastic!

Pris N.
Leaves my skin feeling baby soft (:

This is my second time repurchasing "Buffy" & it is because I found it absolutely AMAZING the first time! It leaves my skin feeling sooo soft and smooth! I can't stop touching my legs after using Buffy! I use Buffy after I use my soap so it can moisturize the clean surface of my skin. As far as getting rid of cellulite, I DO have to admit my legs did appear a bit more toned after using this for a couple of weeks. Was it Buffy? Who knows! I'm just happy knowing that my Buffy exfoliates & leaves my skin BABY soft! :D

Christine S.
great great great

i am almost done with my first bar and love it. it is very gritty but not too harsh. i especially like the creamy texture of the bar itself. my skin always feels so soft and silky after using this bar. i also started using the Ro's argon along with it. ahhhh!!!

Theresa G.
Dry skin must have!

This is a must have for me in the winter time. While in the shower you rub your body with this bar and it moisturizers really well. You can say it is a in shower lotion. The little bits of rice feels really nice against the skin. It feels good to know your buffing away dead cells and moisturizing the new.

Darilynn T.

First of all this stuff smells amazing, like a spa vacation. It is VERY exfoliating and then VERY moisturizing. I love it in the summer, it makes dry legs look moist and sexy. And no need to layer on moisturizer after, just pat your skin dry. Viola!

Joy S.
Lazy persons best friend!

I hate moisturizing my body after I get out of the shower, especially in the winter when you skin is very dry. Buffy Is great because it will exfoliate the dead skin away while moisturizing!

lovely solid body butter/scrub. I love the convenience of this product, all you do is rub this all over your body in the shower and bam, you're moisturized and exfoliated. plus it smells nice--a delicious sweet lemony scent that doesn't linger. the butters take a while to absorb but I don't mind because it moisturizes so well.

Marina P.
Probably my favourite

I absolutely love this product. It is a scrub and moisturiser in one which is fantastic because once you exfoliate and rinse off, you don't have to worry about using a moisturiser afterwards as this does it for you. When you rinse it off, your skin will feel oily. The only problem is, it wastes so easily. I purchased the small bar in which I only managed to get one and half full body scrub before it wasted.