Love & Beauty by Forever 21

Springtime Shimmer Shadow


Krystal C.
Super shimmery! Great highlights!
Photo of product included with review by Krystal C.

I browse Forever 21's beauty section on their website at least once a week, and a few weeks ago they added the Springtime Shimmer Shadows. These looked so adorable, so I took a chance and bought all three of them. I've had great reviews on their shadows in the past so I hoped these had the same quality.

Peach (F21-FJE-PE): frosty pink/peach, sheer to medium when applied dry, medium to full when applied wet, very glittery Gold (F21-FJE-GD): yellow gold, sheer when applied dry, medium when applied wet, very glittery Silver (F21-FJE-SI): white silver, sheer when applied dry, medium when applied wet, very glittery

The packaging is a cutesy pink plastic container with a twist closure, this is actually pretty sturdy as my clumsy self kept knocking these off the counter during the photo shoot and none of them were damaged or opened. The top has a window to see what the shade is, which is great because the label underneath doesn't say the shade name, rather it states the shade or product code. The pan is larger than a MAC e/s pan, but I'm not sure the exact size, I think it's close to 36mm. The shadows are heavily pressed, you have to really wiggle the brush a few times to pick up enough product OR you could use your fingers like I did which picks up a lot more product and cuts down the time you waste with a brush.

The pigmentation of these shadows is sheer to medium, they're significantly less pigmented than I expected, but enough to show up on pretty much any skin tone. The shimmer in these shadows is quite chunky and glittery, similar to my Urban Decay eye shadow in Snatch, but with less fall out. Swatched and worn, these shadows look extremely glittery with a very high shine. The lasting power, however, is only about 6hrs (with a lid primer) before creasing begins BUT these shadows did not fade at all, so that's a plus!