Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara Black

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Anaia Papaya J.
Photo of product included with review by Anaia Papaya J.

I love mascara but this one is the best by-far! I have pretty healthy lashes to begin with but they don't really stand out much but, when I use this mascara my eye lashes suddenly grow 100000xs longer! Of course I'm exaggerating but this is my go to mascara to finish any look! <3

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Kayla H.
Perfect! ;)

Separates, gives MEGA volume and lengthens like crazy!! Gotta hand it to loreal with this mascara, Probably my favorite thing in my makeup bag atm! The ONLY bad thing i have to say about this mascara the smell :/ so strongly scented. Other than that, perfect mascara for my lashes. Already bought my second tube.

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Denise B.
My All Time Favorite Mascara!

I absolutely love this mascara. It thickens, lengthens, and separates! I've tried a lot of other mascaras and this is by far the best. It has a similar packaging to the L'Oreal Extra Volume Collagen mascara but thankfully is completely different. I didn't like that mascara because the combination of the wet formula and brush made my lashes extremely clumpy. Million Lashes doesn't clump at all and it makes my lashes look full and amazing! I can't say enough good things!

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Sara W.
Good mascara and my fave for false lashes.

I really like the formula of this mascara. It gives a nice balance of length and volume. It's not too wet, but doesn't dry too fast to build up multiple coats. It has a rubberized brush with short bristles that I LOVE. It's not the first mascara I grab for my natural lashes, but it's my go-to for using after applying false lashes. It does a perfect job of blending my natural lashes into the falsies and separating everything nicely. There is a rose scent to it that some might not like. I love it, however. It's reminiscent of the scents they used in a lot of beauty products in the 70's when I was a little girl. It brings back memories of watching my mom and grandmother do their makeup. <3

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Melissa M.

I switchecd from Maybelline Great Lash to this, and I feel that this product is way better. I love the brush, and that's saying something because I am picky with brushes. I also like the design of the handle; I find it very easy to grip while applying it. This mascara gives me a dramatic, yet natural look without giving me clumpy spider lashes. Wonderful prodcut!!

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Anna A.
My Holy Grail Mascara!

I have seen a lot of mixed reviews with this products, but I had to try it because I was so curious as to if it would do anything to my filipino stubborn lashes:P I got mines at Target for around $8, and it's in waterproof. I never tried a waterproof mascara before, so I was eager to try it once I got home! Compared to Maybelline's mascara The Falsies that I usually use, I would use Loreals from now on!It holds my curl, lengthens my lashes, and it stays on all day! The only thing that I dont like about it is that it takes forever to come off, and after it makes my lashes feel "dry", so i recommend using a conditioning lash primer or vaseline to your lashes after use if youare really into getting this product:)

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Sydney C.
Favorite Mascara

I have tried a ton of different 'volumizing' mascaras and I have had the same problem with all of them, they clump like a mother! The reason I love this mascara so much is because it has a great formulation, It doesn't clump, and It gives TONS of volume! I would recommend this to anyone who wants a 'false lash effect'.

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Elaina Y.
Darkest mascara ever!

This is a great mascara for getting a super dark colour. I've used this in Blackest Black and Carbon Black (which is actually darker than the Blackest Black, and that is already very dark!). The packaging for this is great. I find that I really like the stopper on this mascara, it cleans up the wand really nicely leaving not too much product on the wand, giving you just the right amount of product. I only use this product on my upper lashes. The wand itself is rubber, but until the CoverGirl Lashblast wand it's not super thick; giving you more control. The formula for this is quite wet, so I find that if you let it sit there for about a week it gets better since it thickens up just a bit. I find that if you immediately use this right after you open it, it tends to not hold a curl very well. If you wear about 2-3 coats of this I find that it gives you excellent volume and length. There is no clumping from this at all! The only thing is if you use this daily it won't last you too long. This is something that I have repurchased and that I would recommend; especially since there is always sales on this product so you can get it for around $6-7.

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Kyesha F.

I love the volume that it gives to my lashes! I have very little lashes to work with but this mascara gives a great full lashes look! There's absolutely no clumps. The only thing I don't like from this mascara is that is has an odor to it.

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Sam T.
I love this but I won't be buying again.

I absolutely love this mascara. It works wonders on my lashes, since I have very long but very fine lashes. I would love to buy it again, but I can't. I recently found out that L'Oreal still has ingredients tested on animals. So I, unfortunately, won't be buying it again. But if you have no qualms with it, then I say go for it! It really is a great formula.

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