Voluminous Dramatic Volume Building Mascara

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Jaclyn N.

My drugstore go to mascara! I love that the product is simple. A good applicator and good formula. It builds the thickness and length of your lashes and never leaves them clumpy.

Amy A.
My FAVORITE mascara!!

I love this mascara and use it everyday. it is the only mascara that gives me length and volume without clumping or flaking. it only takes a few swipes to get longer, thicker and darker lashes. holds my curl really well too. LOVE IT❤️❤️

Hailey H.
Photo of product included with review by Hailey H.

I LOVE IT! This is one of my favorite mascaras! I use it almost everyday ! It stays on and makes your lashes look great! I currently have the voluminous original and waterproof, they are both amazing!

Cristine E.
Best mascara ever

I am an extreme mascara junkie...doing my lashes is my favourite part of makeup. I have seriously tried a tone of mascara (high end and drugstore) and I'm not nearly as satisfied as I am with this one. And when you use it over time it just gets better because the formula dries out a little so your lashes have more volume.

Jennifer M.

This is the best mascara ever. I have tried many drugstore and sephora mascaras, but nothing beats this. It volumizes my lashes, making them look full and defined. It also makes my eyelashes look naturally long, without any clumping. I dont think i can ever use any other kind of mascara. nothing really compares to this.

Linda L.

This mascara is alright. It's not the best but it's decent especially for the price. I have short straight lashes and with this mascara I DO see a difference, but I've used other mascaras that do a much better job as well. It's definitely worth a try if you have never used this mascara before. Besides what doesn't work for me, may work wonders for you 😉

Victoria R.

This mascara creates really thick volume and length. However, this mascara flakes so much! The first day I used it I noticed so many black flakes under my eyes so I put it to the side for a week and used it again but I have the same problem. Probably wouldn't repurchase.

Myrna P.
Love this stuff

I receive many mascaras from Ipsy to try out that I hardly have to buy any. The only mascara I always end up buying is this one and Falsies by Maybelline. I love it. Makes my eyelashes long and noticeable! My all time fave!

Hannah T.
Pretty good mascara

This mascara is pretty good... possibly borderline average though. It has a tendency to clump if you don't put it on in JUST the right way... and it's not really that buildable. I like the L'oreal Voluminous Million Lashes in the gold tube a lot better.

Daniel C.
LOVE this mascara!

I absolutely LOVE this mascara, no clumping, highly pigmented and it gives the darkest most dramatic and sultry lashes at such an affordable price. Perfect for this back to school look and for students on a beauty budget!