Telescopic Clean Definition Mascara

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Sabrina D.
It's okay.
Photo of product included with review by Sabrina D.

I got this mascara because my old one dried up and everybody raved about this mascara and i went ahead and bought it. I bought it in non-waterproof one, i dont know if that matters or not. Wet formula Pros: -It only gave me length -It doesn't dry out very fast because i'm trying to dry it out because i have asian lashes and wet formula just doesnt work for me -It doesnt feel hard on your lashes Cons: -Doesnt hold curls.. about a minute after i apply this on my curled lashes, my lashes kinda droops.... -It's a wet formula so if you have asian lashes like mine, i would say wait til it dry up a little bit? -It flakes... nothing too dramatic but it still does

but other than that, i love the length that this mascara gave me, i will probably wait til it dry up, use it and another mascara over it or maybe i'll try this with a waterproof mascara over it to see if it helps

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Vitalia P.

After trying a lot lot lot of Mascaras I stranded on this one and I am planning to stick with it. Let me tell you why: - it separates your lashes well - it helps to curl the lashes slightly - it really lengthens your lashes - it is a drugstore product thus inexpensive - it doesn't dry out therefore you have it longer

Christie F.
life saver!
Photo of product included with review by Christie F.

If ur like me and have the worst lashes in the world then you will love this mascara. Without it my lashes are almost non existant, this product actualy almost makes my lashes look long! The wand is small and flexible, perfect for the lower lashes. The comb bit is stiff and grabs all your lashes right at the root and covers them in mascara right to the very tip. It has never clumped for me, ever. I have been useing this product for about 6 months now and have not found anything that compares to it. Even though this mascara doesn't do much in the way of volume, for me, this is a must have! xXx

Cristine E.
pretty good

I tried this mascara a long time ago and did not like it at all... it did nothing for my lashes and made them look droppy. After a couple years i tried it again only this time in the waterproof version and now I really like it! it makes my lashes look super long as if im wearing false lashes and since its in the waterproof formula my lashes stay curled all day. So I highly recommend trying the waterproof version if you want your lashes to stay curled and perky!

Camilla N.

Perfect for quick long lashes. Wished it would be a bit more volume in it. But the harder you work it in, the better it gets! Work with it for a while and you should see great results!

Sabrina D.
Photo of product included with review by Sabrina D.

here's another picture, as you can see, i have to recurl it, but it will droop back down in a couple of minutes... so i did it about 3-4 times waiting for it to dry in between