Revitalift wet cleansing towelettes


Julianne J.
Have a go to, but I like to explore with wipes

I have a go to wipe that doesn't irritate me in the least, and that is the Neutrogena makeup remover wipes in the baby blue package. But, I got bored with them and wanted to shop around for new scents/textures. So I went through Burt's Bees, Olay and Aveeno, then this and all of them couldn't compare to my HG wipes. The Aveeno wipes and these both irritate my skin. I like this for the scent as I enjoy the scent of the cream cleaner in this line, (and the cleanser doesn't irritate my skin) so that's how I decided on getting it- hoping the scents would match up. But the wipe itself is a tad more textural and leaves my eyes stinging and my lower cheeks/jaw line itching, currently over a 2 day span. So, I do have uses for this so the product doesn't go to waste (spot brush cleaner, hand wipe for makeup on hands, etc) but I know I need to go back the my go to's! The last time I got an itchy jaw was from an Alba cream, so I'm not sure what these wipes and that cream share ingredient wise, but I got the same reaction. So, I don't think I would repurchase these unless I want to look a little deranged, clawing my face!

Sarah A.
Good for 40+ skin

I have dry skin, and these seem to work better for me than other brands. They clean gently but don't leave my skin parched. You really need to make sure the package is closed tightly or they dry out before the month is up.