Naturally Luminous Powder


Monica P.
I like it!!!

As a woman of color though not super deep (medium/tan) I was concerned that I would look ashy with this powder and reading reviews by gurus who dubbed translucent powders as "cakey" or "ashy" made me hesitant. The only complaint I have is that using it to make lip color last longer has dried out the color and my lips, but under my eyes over concealer I have been pleased with the coverage and finish. Does not settle and look crepey. Also mine was on clearance for $7 and there is a LOT of product. For a drugstore product I think it's great. If I put on too much blush this helps tone it down as well. I do like this product, although I'm not sure how it does with flash photography or works with deeper skin tones. No "luminosity" was noted by me, just nice smooth coverage.

Tashina M.

I have the translucide naturally luminous powder and I think this is the one pictured. You get a lot of powder for your money. I spent $13 on it but I think ya worth it eve though it is way over my usual budget for powder. I have a limit on how much I will spend on makeup and each type of product had its own limit. Powder I usually won't spend over $10. This is a great powder though. I used to use it all the time when it first came out but being fickle as I am, switched after about half of the jar and never went back. I picked it up about 3 weeks ago and have been using it every day.

This is not totally matte but not luminous in the same way that some powders are with little tiny flecks of glitter or shimmer. This just makes your skin look very smooth and takes the shine out of fresh foundation without being very matte. It is more satiny and very natural. The title says it all. I have used this with a couple different foundations and it works equally well with each. I put this over my foundation usually about 8 am and dont have to touch up until about 12:30-1p. Then I am good until I get home and wash my face. It's super fine milled won't sit on your skin and look grainy. I am using the light now and it works for the little tan I have but for winter I will switch to translucent. I don't use Mac so I couldn't give you a shade reference but I am the lightest/warm shade in everything and most brands don't have a shade light enough for me.

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