Lash Boosting Power System


Nancy-Lee C.
Review for Lash Serum ONLY

I had to stop using this product. My lashes were getting so long they were hitting my sunglasses. No joke. This stuff is amazing. I used it every night. The foam applicator is curved like your lash line. It has a divot in the back, so it holds product and a slit in the front that the product is distributed through. You apply to your lashes and to the last line. So easy. Very comfortable. Non-irritating.

You can use this during the day, too and top it with mascara. I find it was a little too clumpy for me. This stuff totally works. Don't waste your money on those $200 products you have to get at the Dr. office.

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Vivian L.

The Lash Serum really does work, but of course within realistic expectations. My lashes aren't super long to begin with, but they aren't super short either, probably a bit in between.

After using this daily, I have noticed that my lashes have become healthier and they fall out less. Length-wise, I'd say it probably did make them a bit longer, because people have been pointing it out, when they hardly did in the past.

Overall, it's a good product and it lasts a long time too. Worth the price and also does what it claims.

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Hunny V.

This product does what it claims it does. After applying it on, you can kind of see the result the next morning. It takes time but overall it really works. If you're looking for a cheap alternative, I'd say give this a try.