Infallible Eye Liner


Ashley S.
One of the best drugstore eyeliners!

I'm literally always looking for an eyeliner with good pigmentation and stays on a long time because I have sensitive eyes, and it is veryyyy easy for eyeliner to smear and smudge on me. And I wear it in my waterline. This is one of the best eyeliners from the drugstore I've used. Stays on a very long time and is a great, bold black.

Ashley H.
I love this eyeliner

I love this eyeliner and use it every time I wear makeup. It doesnt smudge doesnt irritate my eyes and stays on really well. My eyes get watery a lot because of this changing weather, and my allergies to mold and grass so when the pollin levels are up or when it rains I am sneazing or my eyes just get really watery but this makes it through almost the whole day with just a little touch up on my waterline other than that I love this. Sadly it broke the other day I am not sure how I think that my niece got ahold of it. It broke in the tube so I can still use it but I think that I am just going to throw it away and get a new one

Dani C.
Solid liner

This was actually the first eyeliner I used way back in the day when I first tried eye makeup. I recently went back to it because I remember liking it. It hasn't changed! I actually really like this eyeliner for a soft natural look. It actually goes on very easily and makes a nice thin line. I actually like that it's a little bit on the "dry" side because it makes mistakes less likely for me. Definitely an everyday/softer look liner.

Angela V.

This was a really good eyeliner. It glided on smoothly and it didn't give you to much of a line like the liquid pencil liner does. I like that it has the smudge tip on the back to blend your eyeliner to make it look smokey or if you want to wing it out to make a cat eye winged line..