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Everpure Moisture Restorative Mask


Ashley C.
The Best Drugstore Find!

This extreme conditioning hair mask does what it says! I used this over the summer to bring my hair back to life and now use it every sunday to keep my sensetive fine hair the best it can be. The smell is amazing and very soothing & relaxing and isnt over powering. When my hair is really dry after high or low lights i sometimes use this instead of conditoner for a couple days. i doesnt strip color out of your hair and leave it soft, silky & shiny which is what we all want!

I recommend the whole line of everpure before any other drugstore brand it is simple amazing and so good for your hair! it beats pantene & nexus deep conditioner hands down and makes them look like $1 store finds.

Molly O.
Great, Inexpensive Buy

I was trying to find a hair care product that was inexpensive, smelled great, and revitalized my colored hair. I love Loreal's professional salon shampoos and conditioners and was impressed by Loreals Everpure, drug store brand. The Ever Pure hair mask is a great alternative to expensive hair care products. I have tried Pantene, Biolage, and Nexus hair-masks, but the Ever Pure Loreal Mask, worked great and revitalized my colored hair. The smell of the product is incredible and I received compliments about the way my hair smelled. The rosemary and mint fragrance gave my hair a fresh smell and conditioned my locks, without weighing them down or looking greasy. First I shampoo my hair with the Ever Pure moisture shampoo and rinse with warm water. Thereafter, I apply the hairmask to my locks and cover with a warm wet towel for 10 to 15 minutes. I comb my hair out and rinse with warm water. It's enjoyable leaving the hairmask on and relaxing because the mask also works as an aromatherapy. I would recommend this product to anyone searching for inexpensive haircare that has colored, overheated hair. The fragrance and conditioning properties are fantastic and similar to Loreals salon products.