Double Extend Lash Blast Mascara


Astrid R.

I love this mascara! This one and the red one are my FAVE! It gives me long amazing thick lashes. I really do not have to wear false eyelashes cause this product is so amazing! I even got my mom hooked to it ^_^

Aasheianaa L.
loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it!

I picked it up when someone in beautylish recommended it. I just love the primer part as well the black mascara part. It's amazing! And everytime i ahve worn it i have recevied wonderful compliments.....Doing the spider lashes is easy with this brush

Nadia B.
Favorite Mascara

I'm usually not a person who will spend more than $5 on mascara. I've rolled my eyes whenever a person has mentioned their $35 department store mascara. I always wondered if there was a happy medium in price that was just as good, if not better, than the most expensive and most inexpensive mascara. Finally there is! Not only does the Loreal Double Extend mascara come with a lash conditioning primer, but it also helps your lashes grow. People assume I am wearing false lashes on a regular basis. I just smile and let them know that it just has to do with my mascara. An issue I've always had is the smearing and flaking of my mascara by the end of the day because I have sensitive watery eyes. This mascara has never ran on me. I can go see the latest chick flick and not have to worry about ruining my mascara. This mascara is a definite beauty must.

Amanda G.

I love the primer side, it definitely makes my lashes look super long and volume-y! The mascara side is great too, but! My eye lashes are very dark already, and the formula makes them slightly grayish, so I just put a light coat of one other mascara on top of that. If it was darker, then 5 stars :)